Global Alliance Partners

Microsoft Corporation

Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software,services and Internet technologies for personal and businesscomputing. The company offers a wide range of products and servicesdesigned to empower people through great software, any time, anyplace, and on any device.

Oracle Database

Now you can consolidate your IT infrastructure into a flexible gridenvironment using Oracle® Database 11g™ andNetApp's flexible storage architecture. Only NetAppoffers a unified storage infrastructure that lets you connect to anOracle Database server using NFS mounts, leverage IP infrastructurethrough iSCSI, or utilize Fibre Channel connectivity through a SAN.NetApp's support for server virtualization helpscustomers further reduce infrastructure power, cooling, and spacecosts.


SAP AG is the world's leading provider of e-businesssoftware solutions and the third-largest software company in theworld. SAP's ability to deliver customer-centric,open, personalized, and collaborative e-business software is thefoundation of Through the e-business platform,people in businesses around the globe are improving relationshipswith customers and partners, streamlining operations, and achievingsignificant efficiencies throughout their supply chains.

Strategic Alliance Partners

Citrix Systems

Citrix Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of virtualization,networking and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies for morethan 230,000 organizations worldwide. Its Citrix DeliveryCenter™, Citrix Cloud Center™ (C3) and CitrixOnline Services product families radically simplify computing formillions of users, delivering applications as an on-demand serviceto any user, in any location on any device. Citrix customersinclude the world's largest Internet companies, 99percent of Fortune Global 500 enterprises, and hundreds ofthousands of small businesses and prosumers worldwide. Citrixpartners with over 10,000 companies worldwide in more than 100countries. Founded in 1989, annual revenue in 2008 was $1.6billion.

Citrix Systems

Citrix Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of virtualization,networking and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies for morethan 230,000 organizations worldwide. Its Citrix DeliveryCenter™, Citrix Cloud Center™ (C3) and CitrixOnline Services product families radically simplify computing formillions of users, delivering applications as an on-demand serviceto any user, in any location on any device. Citrix customersinclude the world's largest Internet companies, 99percent of Fortune Global 500 enterprises, and hundreds ofthousands of small businesses and prosumers worldwide. Citrixpartners with over 10,000 companies worldwide in more than 100countries. Founded in 1989, annual revenue in 2008 was $1.6billion.

FileNet Corporation

FileNet helps organizations make better decisions by managing thecontent and processes that drive their business. FileNet solutionsinclude enterprise content management (ECM), business processmanagement (BPM), and regulatory compliance.

Open Text

Open Text™ is the market leader in providingenterprise content management (ECM) solutions that bring togetherpeople, processes, and information in global organizations. Ourrange of ECM solutions includes sophisticated content archivingsolutions for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, LotusNotes™, and file systems, providing storage costsavings and enabling compliance with relevant regulations.

Quest Software

Quest Archive Manager is a platform for archiving focused onMicrosoft®. Archive Manager is part of Quest'ssolutions for Archiving, e-Discovery and Compliance which help youcontrol the huge repository of data your organization has that mustbe managed securely and efficiently through email retention andfile storage optimization, messaging compliance and policyenforcement. Quest can help you capture, retain, discover andmanage this data to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements andcontrol storage costs.


Sybase, Inc. is one of the ten largest global independent softwarecompanies. The company helps businesses manage and deliverapplications, content, and data anywhere they are needed. Proven inSybase ASE environments, the NetApp and Sybase solution combinesinnovative, network-based storage with a database tailored for thecomplete range of Internet and traditional, mission-critical OLTP,and DSS applications.

Advantage Alliance Partners

BOO Technologies

Since 1989 the development team of BOO works on information andarchive logistics. The development of standards began in 1994 withthe integration of Lotus Notes in different archive server.Starting from 1996 BOO developed a platform for users anddevelopers, which is constantly being improved.

Bosch Security Systems, Inc.

Bosch Security Systems works closely with an extensive network ofcertified dealers and integrators to design dependable security andlife safety solutions for the market. Bosch's broadportfolio of products and systems for video surveillance, accesscontrol, and intrusion and fire detection is used by major schoolsand universities, government agencies, correctional facilities,retail stores, casinos, and in many other commercial environmentsthroughout the world. Bosch's collaboration with NetAppenables customers to take advantage of this efficient approach tovideo recording using NetApp storage solutions.

Ceyoniq Technology

Ceyoniq Technology is a customer-oriented provider of technologyand solutions for electronic enterprise content management (ECM)and digital archiving. Its products and solutions help companiesmanage their document-based business processes. As integrationsystems, the solutions can be easily integrated in existingbusiness applications.

Dalet Digital Media Systems

Dalet is a worldwide leader in software that empowers broadcastersand content professionals to produce and manage audio and videocontent in a digital, multiplatform world. Dalet media assetmanagement (MAM) solutions streamline production costs and increaserevenue opportunities by simplifying the distribution of rich-mediaassets across both interactive and traditional platforms. The Daletproduct line operates workflows for news, sports and programproduction, archives and enterprise media asset management.


Dataguise helps organizations safely leverage their enterprise datawith a comprehensive risk-based data protection solution. Byautomatically locating sensitive data, transparently protecting itwith high-performance Masking on Demand™, and providingactionable intelligence to managers, Dataguise improves data riskmanagement, operational efficiencies, and regulatory compliancecosts. Our partnership with NetApp enables customers to quicklygenerate production data for test and development and distribute itsafely and efficiently.

DocuWare AG

DMS pioneer DocuWare (more than 6000 installations worldwide) is asoftware developer of Integrated Document Management solutions.

ELO Digital Office GmbH

ELO Digital Office GmbH develops and distributes high performancesoftware solutions for document management, digital archiving andworkflow management. As NetApp Advantage Partner with certifiedintegration into SnapLock the company is active worldwide and hasvarious international subsidiaries alongside the companyheadquarters, located in Stuttgart. A compact network of systempartners allows in excess of 450,000 workplaces to be supportedthroughout the world.


In 1990 forcont was founded as IXOS Anwendungs-Software GmbH inLeipzig. The specialist software company for document managementapplications and system integrations develops and implementscustom-made enterprise content management solutions in order tomanage business relevant information efficiently.

Front Porch Digital

Front Porch Digital is the leader in content storage management forthe broadcast, media, and entertainment industry. Front Porch makesit easy to manage, search, protect, share, and convert your contentregardless of where it resides. Our success is built on developinginnovative digital archive management technology and providingexcellent service and support. With over 200 installations ofDIVArchive in over 40 countries, Front Porch manages the largestbroadcast archives in operation in the world.

Index Engines, Inc.

Index Engines has developed unique enterprise-wide indexingsolutions, enabling a new world of discovery, classification, andmanagement of information assets.

International Game Technology (IGT)

International Game Technology (IGT) is a global companyspecializing in the design, development, manufacturing,distribution, and sales of computerized gaming machines and systemsproducts. IGT chose NetApp to provide mission-critical storagesystems that offer casinos the flexibility and high availabilitythat are mandatory prerequisites for the gaming industry solutions.


Interwoven, Inc. is the world's leading provider ofEnterprise Content Management software. Its content infrastructureproduct suite includes content aggregation, content collaboration,content management, content intelligence and content distribution.


Intransa, Inc., offers video surveillance appliances that comepreloaded with the industry's leading video management software:Exacq, Genetec, JDS, Milestone, OnSSI, and a growing list of othersecurity leaders. With the simplicity of the DVRs that dominatephysical security but with the power of IP, Intransa VideoApplianceis an ideal front-end recording interface for NetApp®systems. Each records video from DVRs or IP cameras withvideo-optimized, patented technology that delivers nonfragmentingretention that handles nonsequential, write-intensive, 24x7x365surveillance workloads.


NEC Corporation of America is a leading technology provider ofnetwork, IT, and identity management solutions. Empowered byinnovation, its solutions, products, and services are backed by theleadership and expertise of one of the most successful globalcompanies, conducting business for more than 100 years. NECCorporation of America delivers technology and professionalservices to carrier and both SMB and large enterprise clientsacross multiple vertical industries. Application protection andfailover at the server level combine with NetApp® datareplication at the storage level.

NICE Systems

NICE Systems is the leading provider of Insight from Interactionssolutions and value-added services, powered by advanced analyticsof unstructured multimedia content - from telephony, web, radio andvideo communications. NICE's solutions address the needs of theenterprise and security markets, enabling organizations to operatein an insightful and proactive manner, and take immediate action toimprove business and operational performance and ensure safety andsecurity. NICE has over 24,000 customers in 100 countries,including over 85 of the Fortune 100 companies.

Optimal Systems (US)

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS (OS) is a ECM-Software specialist. OS counts with140 employees in its four locations in Germany.

ParAccel, Inc.

ParAccel provides the world's fastest and most efficient DBMS fordata warehousing. ParAccel's patent-pending technology dynamicallybalances I/O across DAS and NetApp® unified storage systems toboost performance in a way no other product can. Customers can nowperform nimble analytics on their data warehouse while easilymanaging and affordably protecting their data.

PBS Software

PBS Software GmbH is a leading provider of software add-ons for SAPsolutions. PBS enhances the Information Lifecycle ManagementSolution from SAP and enables seamless and comfortable access toarchived data during the daily business. PBS also supports dataextraction, compliant storage and systems decommissioning. PBS isSAP Software Solution Partner.


The European software provider SAPERION offers midsize and globalorganizations a high-performance software platform for EnterpriseContent Management. The SAPERION products empower corporations byaddressing the needs for efficient management of all companyinformation while creating competencies across the operation bystreamlining and automating business processes.

SAS Institute

SAS provides the strategic vision enterprises need to connecttraditional business measures with intangibles, such as the healthof supplier relationships, the collaborative wisdom that existsthroughout your organization, and the profitability of customers.We call this strategic performance management, a clear, balancedview of how everything fits together today, and whereit's headed tomorrow.

Solera Networks

Solera Networks captures all network traffic, even on the fastest10Gb networks, in both physical and virtual environments. WithSolera DSFS Licensed Support for NetApp, organizations wishing todedicate NetApp hardware to network forensics applications have ascalable platform for complete network forensics analysis and swiftincident response.

STEALTHbits Technologies, Inc.

STEALTHbits is an innovative technology leader in theMicrosoft® infrastructure and application management space.STEALTHbits' products are utilized and relied upon on adaily basis to streamline operations, increase efficiencies,automate processes, and reduce downtime and outages through bothproactive and reactive management of mission-criticalinfrastructure.

Vector Data

Vector Data designs, builds, and supports high-performance,scalable, and redundant content delivery networks (CDNs). VectorData delivers focused solutions for video on demand, Web 2.0infrastructures, mobile TV and media, IPTV, cloud computing, andstorage applications. Vector Data's turnkey solutions include allhardware and software, as well as professional services includingconsulting, architecture, installation, monitoring, andmaintenance.

Vhayu Technologies

Vhayu delivers the fastest market data solutions for the captureand high-speed analysis of massive amounts of streaming andhistorical data to the world's leading financial institutions.Through its unique patented Velocity and Squeezer technologies,Vhayu combines software and hardware to provide significantcompetitive advantages to financial firms concerned with theprocessing and storage of tick data by enabling faster and smartertrading decisions.


Vignette provides a proven, enterprise-ready architecturalfoundation that powers many of the largest and most successfule-business applications today.