Standards that NetApp has helped advance include the Network File System ("NFS") protocol for file access in UNIX and Linux environments; the Common Internet File System ("CIFS") protocol for file access in Windows environments; the Network Data Management Protocol ("NDMP") for simplifying backup of networked storage; the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol ("ICAP") for content adaptation in Web environments; and the Internet Small Computer System Interface ("iSCSI") protocol for building storage area networks using Ethernet infrastructures.

New and emerging standards that NetApp is leading include Fibre Channel over Ethernet (see FCIA/T11) NFS v4.1 (see IETF), and Encryption Key Management (see IEEE P1619), Solid State Storage and Green Storage (see SNIA).

For more details follow the links below for information about the specifics of our participation in each organization. For further information, please contact, or check out NetApp's standards-related blog - Standards Watch.

NetApp Industry Participation