University Research

As part of its innovation strategy, NetApp supports innovative research in the academic community. As part of the CTO, the Advanced Technology Group is responsible for maintaining many of these academic research relationships through sponsorships, consortium memberships, and direct collaborations.

University-Industry Consortiums

Through ATG, NetApp is currently a member of the following university-industry consortiums:

NetApp Faculty Fellowship Program

The NetApp Advanced Technology Group (ATG) has established the NetApp Faculty Fellowship (NFF) program to fund innovative research on data storage and related topics. The goals of this program are to encourage leading-edge research in storage and data management and to foster relationships between academic researchers and engineers and researchers at NetApp.

On an ongoing basis, ATG solicits funding proposals from university faculty members. A proposal should describe an innovative project the researcher wants to pursue over the next one to three years. ATG researchers review these proposals 3-4 times a year and make funding recommendations based on the potential effects of the proposed research and its synergy with NetApp® core technology and business interests.

NetApp Faculty Fellowships are one-time grants, typically covering a year of funding for a graduate student working with the principal investigator on the proposed research. Grants are not restricted to this format, however, and NetApp ATG will consider proposals for different situations and durations.

Funded NFF proposals are assigned a sponsor from ATG or elsewhere within NetApp. The sponsor tracks the progress and results of the project and offers feedback to the funded researcher(s). In some cases, the sponsor will be available as an active collaborator on the project.

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NetApp Faculty Fellowship Awards

July 2011

  • University of Toronto, Angela Demke Brown, "A Policy-based Architecture for Scalable Storage Systems"
  • University of California, Riverside, HarshaMadhyastha, "Storage and Compute Provisioning Informed by Application Characteristics and SLOs"
  • University of California, San Diego, George Porter, "Incorporating Networked Storage within Highly Efficient Data-intensive Computing"
  • University of California, San Diego, Yuanyuan Zhou, "Understanding and Detecting Misconfigurations"

April 2011

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Samuel Madden, "Workload Aware Database Storage"
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau, "Increasing the Intelligence of Cloud-storage Gateways"
  • Virginia Tech, Ali Butt, "Studying the Impact of Storage System Design on Hadoop Performance"
  • Florida International University, Raju Rangaswami, "Trade-offs in Flash (SSD) Based Storage Caching vs. Tiering"

November 2010

  • Harvard University, Margo Seltzer, "Simulation Analysis of Server-side Flash Cache"
  • Brown University, Roberto Tamassia, "Efficient Integrity Checking of Outsourced Storage"

September 2010

  • Stony Brook University, Erez Zadok, "A Network Storage benefits using FLASH Hardware with Indexing Workloads"
  • Dortmund University of Technology, Ramin Yahyapour, "Automated Workload Mapping and SLO Creation"
  • Johns Hopkins University, Randal Burns, "Reducing Memory and I/O Interference for Virtualized Systems and Cloud Computing"

July 2010

  • University of California, San Diego, Yuanyuan Zhou, "Make Software Easy-to-Diagnose via Systematic Logging Enhancement"
  • College of William and Mary, Peter Kemper, "Workload Modeling for Storage Systems and Networks with Markovian Arrival Processes"
  • Cornell University, Hakim Weatherspoon, "Toward Power-Lean Cloud Storage: Beyond Power Proportionality"
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Aditya Akella, "High-Performance Flash-based Indexes for Content-Based Systems"
  • University of Toronto, Bianca Schroeder, "A unified framework for managing storage system reliability"

December 2009

  • Duke University, Jeff Chase, "Dynamic Feedback Control for Elastic Cloud Storage"
  • Harvard University, Margo Seltzer, "Nonhierarchical Storage Systems"
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau, "HaRD Systems"

July 2009

  • Brown University, Roberto Tamassia, "Efficient Integrity Checking of Outsourced Storage"
  • Carnegie Mellon University, David Andersen, "FAWN Project: IOps Without Watts: Low Power Cluster Architectures for Seek-Bound Workloads"

Other Sponsored Research

ATG identifies and supports university research projects outside of the NetApp Faculty Fellowship program. This is often done to support research opportunities that lead to nearer term benefits to the academic and business communities: for example, stimulating interest in open source improvements, developing a more robust body of knowledge, and so on. In general, NetApp encourages the recipients of a NetApp sponsorship to provide their research results to the larger community free of charge or under liberal licensing agreements.

Active Sponsored Research

  • Indian Institute of Science, K. Gopinath
  • Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi, Sorav Bansal
  • Indian Institute of Science, Chiranjib Bhattacharyya
  • Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur, Amab Bhattacharyya

Past Sponsored Research

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Bart Miller, "Dynamic Instrumentation for Monitoring and Testing Tools for FreeBSD"
  • University of California, San Diego, Yuanyuan Zhou, "Understanding Software Quality Challenges Throughout Its Lifecycle"
  • Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi, Anirban Mahanti and Amitabha Bagchi, "Characterizing Web 2.0 Workloads and Their Impact on Storage Architectures"
  • Johns Hopkins University, Randal Burns, "Server-Directed Adaptive Data Destaging for NFS"
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Samuel Madden and Daniel Myers, "Flash Memory and Database System Design"
  • SUNY, Stony Brook, Erez Zadok, "Storage Performance vs. Energy Consumption Tradeoffs"
  • University of California-Santa Cruz, Ethan Miller, "Efficiently Handling Errors in Nonvolatile Memory"
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, Yuanyuan Zhou, "Intelligent Log Mining"
  • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Jason Flinn, "File Server Utilization of Flash"
  • University of Waterloo, Ken Salem, "RDBMS Storage Optimizer"
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau, "SQCK"