Established in 2004 as part of the office of the CTO, the Advanced Technology Group (ATG) focuses on engaging and evaluating emerging technologies and trends that may affect the storage industry and the company's long-term business. We seek top talent both to join our product research team and to collaborate with us through university research relationships. ATG delivers its innovations through the following means:

  • Productization: Partner with NetApp product management and engineering to realize our innovations into new or improved NetApp® products that deliver real business value to our customers
  • Patents: Describe and protect our work in invention disclosures and patents
  • Papers: Publish scientific papers that describe work done both in house and in collaboration with researchers from top universities in order to influence the industry
  • Standards: Participate in major standards bodies such as IETF, SNIA, and DMTF

ATG has sites in Sunnyvale, California; Waltham, Massachusetts; Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; and Bangalore, India.

ATG Research Agenda

Our research agenda focuses on all areas of storage and data management. We are a key contributor to leading-edge products, and we collaborate extensively with external researchers.


We work at the earliest stages of product development across a diverse set of problem areas. Key product areas in which we are making an impact include:

  • Virtualization technologies: Develop outstanding storage solutions for virtualized environments and leverage virtualization technology within the storage subsystem
  • Cloud technologies: Evaluate and develop key technologies to enable storage in cloud environments
  • New hardware technologies: Investigate new architectures for using nonvolatile memory technologies to provide better cost, performance, reliability, and power efficiency
  • Data management: Provide end-to-end storage management capabilities, including developing underlying technologies for service-level objective based management
  • Software quality and supportability: Systematically improve software quality and supportability
  • Scalable systems: Increase the horizontal and vertical scale of NetApp systems with respect to both capacity and performance
  • Search technologies: Provide thought leadership for advanced search capabilities in NetApp products
  • Protocols: Lead the storage industry in the development of parallel data access and heterogeneous federation protocol


We enjoy a significant number of university relationships and collaborations. Key initiatives include:

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