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    jun. 07, 2015 Cisco Live – San Diego, CA Event
    Cisco's premier education and training destination for IT professionals offers in-person events, live webcasts, and on-demand learning opportunities. You'll leave with an increased understanding of Cisco products and solutions.
    may. 18, 2015 OpenStack Summit – Vancouver, BC Event
    This five-day conference for developers, users, and administrators is the perfect place to get started with OpenStack Cloud Software. The innovative conference format allows you to connect with the OpenStack community while they discuss upcoming software releases.
    may. 12, 2015 Citrix Synergy – Orlando, FL Event
    NetApp is proud to be a Gold sponsor of the premier industry conference on the software-defined workplace. Synergy delivers insight, innovation and interaction—helping you drive your business and IT strategy, build technical skills, and expand your professional network.
    ago. 08, 2013 Comience con poco, crezca sin límites con una infraestructura unificada Webcast
    Vea nuestro webcast y conozca cómo hacer crecer varias cargas de trabajo en una única plataforma.
    jul. 18, 2013 Obtenga una eficiencia sin precedentes en entornos virtuales y de nube Webcast
    Participe en nuestro webcast y conozca como mejorar la productividad y reducir los costos.
    jun. 27, 2013 Libre a su negocio de las restricciones de TI Webcast
    Vea nuestra serie de transmisiones vía web y conozca cómo mantener una disponibilidad 24/7.
    jun. 11, 2013 Elimine el tiempo de inactividad de TI de su empresa Webcast
    Sea uno de los primeros en conocer cómo nuestro software elimina el tiempo de inactividad y otras restricciones, como los desafíos de gestión del ciclo de vida de almacenamiento, las brechas de eficiencia y las limitaciones de escalabilidad.
    ene. 20, 2011 FlexPod for VMware Webcast
    Hear experts from NetApp, Cisco, and VMware jointly discuss FlexPod™, a unified, pretested, and validated shared infrastructure to simplify your data center transformation. FlexPod is built on a flexible, jointly supported infrastructure that can be scaled easily and optimized for mixed application workloads, and is configured for virtual desktop or server infrastructure, secure multi-tenancy, or cloud environments. Learn how to use FlexPod for VMware® to: Move from a virtualized environment to a fully functioning cloud. Take the guesswork out of architectural design decisions to simplify implementation.
    Resultados 1 - 8 de 8