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Intercambie ideas directamente con los encargados de los blogs de NetApp, como Dave Hitz, uno de los cofundadores, y otros ejecutivos, directores técnicos, arquitectos de soluciones e ingenieros de sistemas. Los blogs de NetApp abarcan una gran variedad de temas: tendencias y otros temas relacionados con la industria, opiniones de ejecutivos, consejos sobre tecnología, productos de NetApp, eficacia de almacenamiento y virtualización.

    David Slik - Technical Director, Object Storage

    Perspectives and thoughts related to object storage, reducing complexity, and managing the information explosion.

    Gary Garcia - Sr. Product Manager

    Understanding the impact of the cloud on the practice of applied information technology.

    John Rollason - Senior Manager, Product, Alliances and Solutions Marketing EMEA

    NetApp updates from Europe, reviewing and demystifying new IT approaches, and to help those responsible for Storage specifically make informed decisions as our industry evolves at an ever faster pace.

    Exploring the challenges of managing virtual and cloud storage.

    Richard Hardy - Business Solutions Architect

    The role of Cloud Computing in Enterprise IT.

    Tim Russell - Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Solutions and Core Product Software

    Thoughts on enterprise cloud infrastructures

    Val Bercovici - CTO-at-Large

    Storage Industry from a Technology, Development and Customer perspective and the competitive issues encountered throughout the lifecycle of storage products & data management solutions.