NS0 301 SAN Solutions Architect Exam

As a SAN solutions architect, you will have proven skills in using NetApp products in SAN solutions, assessing customer objectives or requirements for storage solutions and computer environments, designing both Fibre Channel and iSCSI storage solutions, and architecting a SAN solution to meet customer requirements for tiered storage infrastructure. You will also possess experience developing proposals and test plans for Proof of Concepts, working hands-on with DataFort® SAN implementation and DataFort NAS implementation, familiarity with DataFort capabilities and limitations, and familiarity with the DataFort compatibility matrix. You will also possess a working knowledge of at least one tape backup application and at least one disk multipathing application. You will also be familiar with OSI model layer 1-3 and network storage sharing.

Skills Tested:

  • Articulate differences between NAS and SAN
  • Articulate NetApp value propositions for NAS and SAN
  • Determine disaster recovery and backup recovery issues
  • Determine application recovery methods and clustering solutions
  • Determine capacity planning requirements
  • Determine volume manager needs or setup
  • Plan for interoperability, storage manageability, data migration, high availability, failover, and clustering
  • Design a system within financial, performance, hardware, connectivity, and physical constraints
  • Design for a failover and recovery scenario
  • Design a backup and recovery strategy
  • Design zoning methodology

Exam Information:

Schedule your exam by calling 1-800-596-3926 or by visiting http://www.prometric.com/NetApp.

50 items; 60 minutes in English-speaking countries; 90 minutes in non-English-speaking countries


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