NetApp Private Storage for Amazon Web Services

Balance AWS cloud and private resources to lower cost, boost agility, and retain control of your data.

NetApp® Private Storage for Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows enterprises to build an agile cloud infrastructure that balances private and cloud resources to optimize business outcomes.

The solution couples dedicated enterprise storage with EC2 for on-demand performance computing, while also offering an option to use S3/Glacier for tiered disk-based backup and recovery. It allows bidirectional replication of data from an on-premises NetApp virtualized infrastructure to NetApp storage in an AWS Direct Connect data center, so you can leverage cloud computing services while retaining full control and mobility of your enterprise data.

Gain cloud benefits with proven enterprise storage, enhanced data protection at lower cost than traditional approaches, and the agility to dynamically adjust private and cloud resources.

Use cases for this solution include:

  • High-performance workloads
  • Big Data analytics
  • Development and test
  • Disaster recovery
  • Multi-tier backup
  • Data with compliance requirements
  • Data center migration and consolidation

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