NetApp EF540 Flash Array

A new version of this product is available.
Please see the EF550 page.

The NetApp EF540 flash array is designed for performance-driven applications with sub-millisecond latency requirements.

Every enterprise has an application or data set where responsiveness drives time to market, customer satisfaction, productivity, revenue generation or other core operations. For these crucial applications, the NetApp® EF540 flash array delivers the extreme performance, IT efficiency and proven reliability you need.

With NetApp EF540 all-SSD enterprise storage, you can:

  • Speed time to market with instant application response times.
  • Eliminate over-provisioning and increase the efficiency of IT resources.
  • Achieve the transactional performance of 1,000 traditional 15K drives.
  • Take advantage of intuitive storage management with comprehensive performance tuning, advanced monitoring and proactive repair.
  • Keep business operations running with NetApp’s trusted, proven enterprise-class reliability and availability.
  • Replicate data to full-Flash, hybrid or spinning disk storage for industry-leading recovery options and cost flexibility.

By combining extreme IOPS, responsiveness and reliability, the NetApp EF540 high-performance Flash array is optimised for performance-sensitive workloads - so you can achieve faster business results and enhance your customer experience.

Learn more about how the NetApp EF540 PDF all-flash array and SANtricity® storage management software PDF can help accelerate your latency-sensitive, business-critical applications.