Flash Accel software improves application performance by extending NetApp Virtual Storage Tier to enterprise servers.

NetApp® Flash Accel software combines the capabilities of server-based flash technology and NetApp intelligent caching to extend VST to the server level. Flash Accel leverages the data management capabilities that are built into all NetApp FAS and V-Series data storage systems, optimizing the use of server flash, improving application responsiveness, and dramatically increasing overall system throughput. Our tests show that Flash Accel can reduce application and server latency by 90% and increase throughput by 80%. By eliminating the need to store cold data on expensive server flash media, Flash Accel optimizes both cost per IOPS and cost per GB.

With Flash Accel, you can choose the flash device that best meets your needs. Flash Accel can operate with any server-based PCIe flash card or SSD drive, including an ever-growing selection of new flash devices. In the future, you can upgrade your flash hardware without disrupting your server caching software.

To find out more about how Flash Accel with full Data ONTAP® software integration can extend your server memory, see the Flash Accel datasheet PDF.