The SafeNet KeySecure appliance strengthens and simplifies your enterprise data encryption management.

The SafeNet KeySecure appliance offers a secure, automated, centralized key management system that can store and manage data encryption keys for hundreds to thousands of encryption appliances and endpoints.

Whether you are storing data for months or years, efficient storage of encrypted enterprise data requires that encryption keys be archived securely without overly complicated administration. 

KeySecure simplifies the long-term key-management needs of the organization and strengthens the level of security and overall efficiency by reducing the potential for administrative errors and mishandling.

KeySecure provides local or geographically dispersed clustering to ensure key availability at all times. Compatible with the SafeNet StorageSecure appliance and OASIS KMIP standards, KeySecure can support many existing data-protection environments while providing an easier, unified, key management platform for expanding security requirements and future growth.

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