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Aug 25, 2016Performance Characterization of ONTAP Cloud with Application Workloads | TR-4383Technical Report
This technical report examines the performance and fit of application workloads running on NetApp® ONTAP® Cloud for Amazon Web Services.
Aug 24, 2016NetApp SolidFire Active Support Basic/Premium Service DescriptionDatasheet
NetApp® SolidFire® Active Support is available for purchase on all NetApp SolidFire SF and FC models. The Service Description provides feature and entitlement details.
Aug 23, 2016How to Configure NVIDIA GPU K1 and K2 Cards with Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 and ...Technical Report
This reference architecture describes how to configure NetApp storage and NVIDIA GPU cards in a FlexPod Express system so that it accommodates your video VDI requirements. In addition, it shows how to add a Cisco UCS rack mount server into a Cisco UCS Mini blade server environment.
Aug 23, 2016TR-4517 ONTAP Select Product Architecture and Best PracticesTechnical Report
TR-4517 describes the best practices that should be followed when building an ONTAP Select cluster, from hardware selection to deployment and configuration
Aug 18, 2016Scalable SAN Best Practices in Clustered Data ONTAPTechnical Report
This Technical Report provides details about scalable SAN in clustered Data ONTAP, updated for the 8.3.1 release. It covers path management best practices for both Fibre Channel and iSCSI protocols; MPIO, ALUA, DataMotion for LUNs (lun move and lun copy), and other SAN-related Data ONTAP features.
Aug 11, 2016NetApp FAS and Cassandra | TR-4527Technical Report
TR-4527 demonstrates a validated reference architecture for efficiently deploying a Cassandra NoSQL database on the Data Fabric using FAS8080.
Aug 11, 2016Migration of Oracle Databases to NetApp Storage Systems | TR 4534Technical Report
This document explains the overall considerations for planning a migration strategy, outlines the three different levels in which data movement takes place, and details some of the various procedures available.
Aug 08, 2016Storage Built for the Next Generation Data CentreDatasheet
Aug 05, 2016Name Services Best Practices Guide | TR-4379Technical Report
ONTAP provides the ability to leverage external name services such as DNS, LDAP and NIS for enterprise NAS environments. This document covers those scenarios and their best practices.
Aug 05, 2016Storage Agility and Integration Simplicity NetApp OnCommand API Services ...Technical Report
The goal of this document is to give IT administrators and operational staff information about how NetApp® shared storage integrates with HP Operations Orchestration (HP OO) by using NetApp OnCommand® API Services (API-S). It provides users with a perspective on how to use the product and ...
Results 1 - 10 of 1873