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Apr 07, 2014Flash Pool Design and Implementation GuideTechnical Report
This technical report covers NetApp® Flash Pool™ intelligent caching to provide a firm understanding of how Flash Pool technology works, when and how to use it, and best practices and design considerations for deploying Flash Pool aggregates.
Apr 01, 2014TR-4284: Reference Architecture: Deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack...Technical Report
This document provides the foundational material needed to deploy RHEL-OSP on Intel servers and NetApp storage. Because there are a multitude of use cases, there is no “one way” to properly deploy OpenStack, regardless of the distribution. The reference architecture is meant to provide a “jumping...
Apr 01, 2014TR-4068:VMware vSphere 5 on NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 8.1Technical Report
NetApp technology enables data centers to extend their virtual infrastructures to include the benefits of advanced storage virtualization. NetApp leads the storage industry with a single information platform that is hardware agnostic, is able to aggregate disparate forms of hardware together, and...
Apr 01, 2014TR-4281: E-Series SANtricity Thin Provisioning Feature OverviewTechnical Report
This document describes key aspects of the thin provisioning feature of NetApp E-Series storage systems. It covers internal design elements, expected usage models, and details that can help guide configuration of the feature in various application environments.
Apr 01, 2014NetApp for Oracle DatabaseTechnical Report
The NetApp for Oracle Database NVA enables companies to optimize and protect their Oracle Database infrastructures by providing advanced storage and data management capabilities. The NetApp industry-leading storage solutions provide the features, scalability, flexibility, and availability needed ...
Apr 01, 2014TR-3982: NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2Technical Report
This technical report is an introduction to the architecture and key customer benefits of the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.x operating system.
Apr 01, 2014NetApp Snap Creator Framework with IBM Domino Plug-In Deployment and ...Technical Report
For mission-critical applications, it is very important that backups are performed after verifying application consistency. The application consistency feature confirms the data integrity and usability of the backup image. NetApp® Snap Creator™ Framework contains a plug-in for IBM Domino that ...
Apr 01, 2014Level of SNMP Support in Data ONTAP 8.2 SNMP MIBs and Traps in Clustered Data...Technical Report
Data ONTAP 8.2 provides two operating modes, namely, clustered Data ONTAP and 7-Mode. Since the netapp.mib file is common for both operating modes, there is a difference in the level of SNMP support for the two operating modes. Hence, certain objects that are supported in 7-Mode may not be ...
Apr 01, 2014Antivirus Solution Guide for Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.1—McAfeeTechnical Report
Having an antivirus solution is key for enabling enterprises to protect their data from viruses and malware. An off-box antivirus solution was introduced in the Data ONTAP® 8.2.1 operating system. This document covers deployment procedures for different components of the antivirus solution, ...
Apr 01, 2014WP-7196 NetApp Solutions for Hadoop Reference ArchitectureWhite Paper
business category: hadoop This white paper discusses a flexible, validated, enterprise-class Hadoop architecture based on NetApp® storage in a managed or external direct-attached storage (DAS) configuration with any compatible distribution of Apache Hadoop. Included are guidelines and best ...
Results 1 - 10 of 1645