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Aug 14, 2014Cloud Computing—the Path to Increased Efficiencies and Cost Savings for ...White Paper
Cloud computing is being rapidly adopted by the financial services industry. To successfully make the transition to this new computing model, NetApp is leading the way with proven technologies to deliver the storage capabilities that will power cloud infrastructures both now and in the future.
Jul 21, 2014NetApp® OnCommand® Workflow Automation – Useful Workflows CookbookWhite Paper
This Silverton Consulting analyst white paper is a practical guide for Netapp customers to become familiar with how workflow automation can be leveraged to achieve a number of standard automation use cases. This guide covers the changing landscape of storage automation and overview of OnCommand ...
Jun 30, 2014NetApp: Where Better Backup Is Built-inWhite Paper
Analyst guidance on how to define your modern DP strategy, and the role that NetApp snapshot copies can play.
Apr 01, 2014WP-7196 NetApp Solutions for Hadoop Reference ArchitectureWhite Paper
business category: hadoop This white paper discusses a flexible, validated, enterprise-class Hadoop architecture based on NetApp® storage in a managed or external direct-attached storage (DAS) configuration with any compatible distribution of Apache Hadoop. Included are guidelines and best ...
Mar 25, 2014Customer Fitness™ for FlexPod CustomersWhite Paper
Customer Fitness™ is a preventative care methodology that coaches you on how to proactively sustain maximum uptime and preempt disruptions using the FlexPod Cooperative Support model and Cisco® and NetApp® tools, best practices, and training.
Mar 10, 2014VMware Horizon View 5.2 on NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP at $35/DeskWhite Paper
This paper documents the tests performed to validate the $35 per desktop claim. This storage configuration allows hosting 800 users in a two-rack unit (2U) NetApp FAS2240-2 storage system. You can scale to thousands of desktops at the same $35 storage cost per desktop by adding more 2U NetApp ...
Feb 03, 2014Nondisruptive Operations and Clustered Data ONTAPWhite Paper
This whitepaper presents an overview of clustered Data ONTAP.
Jan 24, 2014The 50% Virtualization Guarantee* Program Technical GuideWhite Paper
NetApp believes completely in its business solutions around VMware and storage. Therefore, NetApp is offering the VMware Storage Program Guarantee, a contractual guarantee of 50% space savings to customers using NetApp storage in VMware environments. If a customer who participates in the Program ...
Jan 16, 2014Software Defined Storage: Using Software to Create an Agile IT InfrastructurWhite Paper
NetApp commissioned Market Connections to learn the frequency of infrastructure refreshes and scheduled maintenance; the impact of unplanned system downtime, and the organization’s confidence in its infrastructure.
Jan 15, 2014Reducing Total Cost of Ownership with Flash StorageWhite Paper
White paper on TCO of Flash Storage
Results 1 - 10 of 269