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Jan 01, 2014High-Performance Persistent Virtual Desktop Architecture Powered by NetApp ...Research Paper
Reference architecture stories with Atlantis computing.
Oct 01, 2013High-Performance Persistent Virtual Desktop Architecture Powered by NetApp EF...Research Paper
Reference architecture stories with Atlantis computing.
Jun 06, 2011Private Clouds - Storage Architectures Can Maximize EfficienciesResearch Paper
In this Thought Leadership Paper, Forrester finds that companies lack clear understanding about private clouds and tend to underestimate the key components—storage among them—that are required to achieve maximum benefit from a cloud strategy. This analyst paper takes steps to clarify the private ...
Mar 01, 2011Microsoft Private Clouds and NetApp Reference ArchitectureResearch Paper
This document provides a blueprint for private IaaS implementations on the Microsoft Hyper-V and System Center platform. This document is for customers and partner architects seeking to design private cloud implementations on the NetApp platform.
Feb 23, 2008Disk Drive Vintage and Its Effect on ReliabilityResearch Paper
Field failure data for 3 disk drive families from 3 drive manufacturers is analyzed. The analyses illustrate the effects of design and manufacturing process improvements implemented throughout the drive’s production life on the reliability of disk drives.
Jul 12, 2007An Analysis of Latent Sector Errors in Disk DrivesResearch Paper
Our study analyzes data collected from production storage systems over 32 months across 1.53 million disks (both nearline and enterprise class). We analyze factors that im- pact latent sector errors, observe trends, and explore their implications on the design of reliability mechanisms in storage...
Jan 01, 2005Reliability Analysis of Disk Drive Failure MechanismsResearch Paper
Reliability analyses are performed on the field failure data of various drive families from different drive manufacturers to gain insight into the nature of the underlying failure mechanisms and their contribution to the overall failure rate of the disk drive.
Jul 23, 2004The Next Step In Virtualization - Ditch The LUN! - Part 2Research Paper
I will present other key customer benefits of moving from LUN management to centralized pool management, along with the benefits to the storage vendors. I will also suggest ways that vendors might consider for implementations with the minimum migration impact to both customers and existing products.
Jun 01, 2004The Next Step In Virtualization - Ditch The LUN! - Part 1Research Paper
If the storage networking industry really wants to help the customers reduce the cost of storage management, the first thing they should do is remove the archaic notion of a LUN, and the ludicrous and petty management functional overhead that we invented to micro-manage this useless artifact.
Jan 01, 2004Server Class Disk Drives: How Reliable Are They?Research Paper
Actual disk drive reliability may differ greatly from the manufacturer’s specification and from customer to customer because of dependence on a variety of factors, some of which are completely independent of the drive design or manufacturing process.
Results 1 - 10 of 13