Contact your NetApp account team or channel partner if you think an executive briefing would be the right opportunity for you. Make sure you discuss with them the goals and objectives of the briefing and what you hope to come away with. The NetApp account team can then work with a member of the EBC staff to organize the briefing.

Briefing presenters are NetApp executives and employees that work on NetApp the products and solutions, therefore we need appropriate time to plan and schedule the right presenters. And as each briefing is tailored to you, the presenters need time to prepare information for you. This requires 3-4 weeks of pre-planning and collaboration depending on the complexity of the briefing.

Offsite events are a great way to continue your day's discussions beyond the four walls of a conference room. Our staff can help in suggesting, picking and reserving dinner and transportation needs.

Read information that some of our experts are writing about our products and solutions.

Contact your account representative to request a briefing at one of our Executive Briefing Centers.

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