Locuz Launches ClouTor on FlexPod

Customers can accelerate their journey to the cloud by building and management of private and hybrid cloud environments

Locuz Enterprise Solutions Limited, today unveiled ‘ClouTor’ a comprehensive orchestration tool that enables customers to build, manage and optimize private and hybrid cloud environments on FlexPod and FlexPod Express. FlexPod is a data center infrastructure platform from Cisco and NetApp’ designed for multi-tenant enterprise and service provider cloud environments.

ClouTor for enterprises provides an integrated software solution for extending your existing infrastructure investment into a highly scalable, on-premise cloud computing environment. Because it focuses on removing the complexity of cloud infrastructure by integrating all of the key components, customers realize instant efficiencies and without the overhead of integration, professional services, and complex deployment schedules.

Mr. Krithiwas Neelakantan, Director Channel & Alliances for NetApp India & SAARC Operations said “Managing storage from a capacity and cost perspective is a significant challenge for many businesses today. FlexPod reinforces NetApp and Cisco’s roadmap of innovation and now with ClouTor on FlexPod, we bring a complete suite of offerings that are highly secure, enable easy integration and the building of applications with on demand provisioning whilst customers transition to the cloud. We are committed to enabling our partners to deliver trusted, enterprise-class cloud services that allow our mutual customers to choose the right source for every IT workload.”

NetApp is committed to addressing the cloud services market by increasing sales support and enablement, field support, marketing, planning and education benefits extended to key strategic partners such as Locuz. The goal is to deliver compelling cloud services and differentiated offerings built on the FlexPod platform.

Mr. Uttam Majumdar, President, Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd. commented: “We are focused on delivering smart; next-generation Business-IT solutions that help enterprises stay competitive. Together with NetApp we share a vision for our customers – enterprise cloud services that are consistent and cost effective. We see the market responding very well to our approach and we focus on permitting the customer’s workloads and applications dictate which cloud model, private or hybrid, would best address their needs”

FlexPod supports the growing need to tie storage, networks, applications, and analytics (such big data) into a more automated, responsive system that increases efficiency and lowers operational expense. Recently, Cisco and NetApp broadened the FlexPod® portfolio with new validated designs across the entire portfolio, highlighted by the introduction of FlexPod Select for dedicated data-intensive workloads. The FlexPod portfolio now includes FlexPod Datacenter (formerly FlexPod) for core enterprise data centers and service providers, FlexPod Express (formerly ExpressPod™) for medium-sized businesses and branch offices, and FlexPod Select for data intensive workloads.

NetApp and Cisco FlexPod Solutions

FlexPod is a portfolio of prevalidated, integrated infrastructure solutions that combine the Cisco Unified Computing System™, Cisco Nexus data center switches, and NetApp storage components, managed by Cisco UCS Director with a single console for bare-metal and virtualized workloads. Cisco and NetApp developed FlexPod to meet the demands of business leaders who need to consolidate IT infrastructure, save energy costs, host more applications, and share resources across different departments. The platform includes FlexPod Datacenter for core enterprise data centers and service providers, FlexPod Express for medium-sized businesses and branch offices, and FlexPod Select for data-intensive workloads. The portfolio is validated with leading hypervisors, operating systems, systems management tools, and cloud management platforms.

About Locuz
Locuz is a trusted partner to several Global Corporations and Institutions for managing their End-to-End IT (Information Technology) Infrastructure Life Cycle & Business Critical Processes. Locuz is a leading Technology Infrastructure Solutions organization focused on delivering smart, next-generation solutions that help enterprises overcome their business IT challenges. These solutions leverage innovations in technology, knowledge of business processes, and domain expertise to provide clients a competitive edge. For more info go www.locuz.com

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