Indian Companies Demand Incentives for Reducing Power Consumption in the Data Centre

Reveals “Green IT” survey by NetApp India

Mumbai, India-May 26, 2008-NetApp, a leading provider of innovative storage and data management solutions, today announced the findings of a "Green IT" survey conducted in India. The survey, commissioned and undertaken by NetApp India among its customers, assesses the impact of, and the drivers for, reducing power consumption in corporate data centres.

The survey of corporate IT managers across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore covered mid-size and large enterprises. "The survey findings highlight that a majority of companies today believe that the power utilities should provide an incentive on net savings achieved on power consumption in data centres," said George Thomas, Managing Director-India & SAARC, NetApp.

Delhi based companies see this as most important, with 77% of respondents wanting 10% or more of the power consumption savings as incentives. Mumbai follows with 66% respondents wanting this incentive, followed by Bangalore with 62%.

Other key findings of the Green IT survey by NetApp India:

  1. Environmental concerns not the front-runner in driving Green IT
    Reduction in energy costs is the key driver of Green IT for 36% of all respondents, and 25% believe that simplification of IT infrastructure is the key driver, while environmental concerns top the list for only 23% of respondents. Surprisingly, 11% of the respondents gave priority to savings in real estate requirements (to host IT assets at a data centre) as the key driver of Green IT.
    "Increasing energy costs can eat into the company's profitability, hence reduction in power consumption should be a key concern for corporate India", opines Thomas.

  2. Server consolidation and storage efficiency becoming popular for reducing power consumption
    40% respondents believe that server consolidation can significantly reduce power consumption in data centres while 27% believe that storage efficiency can curtail data centre power consumption. 32% of respondents who recommend server consolidation also believe storage efficiency can have a significant impact on power consumption.
    Says Thomas, "According to estimates, for each watt used by the server or storage, airconditioning, power supplies, and other related equipment together require nearly 1.5 times that amount, so reducing physical servers and disks goes a long way in reducing power consumption in the data centre. Server and storage virtualization have emerged as the key enabling technologies in this context, and companies who adopt these technologies can potentially realize significant savings in power consumption".

  3. Many companies still do not monitor power consumption in their data centres
    A significant 28% of the respondents admit that they have not yet measured power, cooling and space costs in their data centres, whereas 19% of the respondents say that power, cooling and space eats up over 20% of their IT budgets. 26% respondents put this figure at 10-20% of the IT budget, while 22% respondents put it at 5-10%.
    "While it is good to note that a majority of companies measure power, cooling and space costs in their data centres, we believe this should be a priority on the to-do list of all companies, considering the overall impact of these line items on IT costs", opines Thomas.

Survey Methodology
The survey was conducted independently by NetApp India at its annual user conference held at the 3 metros (Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore), which over 275 corporate IT managers attended.

Concludes Thomas, "Rising power consumption in the data center is an issue both from social and business standpoints. Today, enterprises need solutions to reduce their overall data center footprint, maximize storage utilization and reduce the amount of raw storage required to support their applications, in order to achieve the goal of reducing power consumption in the data centre".

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