NetApp Unveils Kilo Client, a Massive Grid Computing Environment to Help Customers Transform their Data Centers

Bangalore, India - February 19, 2008 - NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced the development of the NetApp® Kilo Client, a massive testing environment capable of exceeding the most scalable and extreme conditions that most enterprise have in their data centers. The NetApp Kilo Client provides an environment in which utility computing approaches can be tested in real-world environments and on a scale unavailable from other storage vendors today.

Thousands of customers are deploying NetApp storage with larger and larger computing grid environments. In order to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of these data centers, NetApp built the Kilo Client to explore the limits of its storage solutions in a controlled environment and developed best practices in rapid provisioning methodologies.

"The NetApp Kilo Client is a breakthrough architecture that pushes the limits in the testing and development of enterprise grid compute environments," said Soumitra Agarwal, Marketing Director - India at NetApp. "This environment was made possible for our customers due to close collaboration with key partners like AMD, Blade Network Technologies, Brocade, Chelsio Communications, Cisco, IBM, Intel, QLogic, Qlusters, and VMware. The Kilo Client is a technology that delivers the day-to-day business efficiencies promised by utility computing and makes those efficiencies not just a theoretical possibility, but a practical consideration for commercial usage today."

Agarwal continued, "NetApp is taking a holistic approach to helping users test and build the most energy-efficient data centers without sacrificing performance and scalability. The NetApp Kilo Client affords end users the right insight into pulling the maximum utilization from their storage and server virtualization resources. This isn't a technology of the future - there is absolutely nothing in the Kilo Client test lab that can't be leveraged by NetApp customers today."

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