Be Ready for the Future with Flexible IT

Align Business and IT and Move Forward, Faster

Is your business flying along the Autobahn while your IT remains stalled in traffic? Are you getting whiplash from watching opportunity fly past your business because IT can't keep up? Is your business looking to IT to help it move forward, faster?

It is critical that business and IT be aligned. The pace of business is moving more quickly than ever. At the same time, IT organizations like yours must manage an explosion of data with even fewer resources. Companies need to be able to move fast to seize new opportunities, respond to competitive pressures, and meet evolving customer requirements. IT can make or break a company's ability to react to these competitive pressures and take advantage of business opportunities. Is your IT ready for the future? Are you ready for the future of IT?

J&B; Group PDF is a family-owned perishable production and distribution company that relies on its IT systems to manage a highly orchestrated distribution process that delivers millions of pounds of product to 3,000 customers across a 10-state region in the U.S. Midwest.

Although he considered solutions from numerous suppliers, including Compellent, EMC, Hitachi, IBM, NetApp, and Nexsan, Chuck Ballard selected NetApp.
"NetApp met all of our requirements for availability and functionality. But most convincing was the unique flexibility afforded us with the NetApp architecture".

"Everything is simpler with the virtual-desktop environment on NetApp. In minutes, and with just a couple of mouse clicks, we can deploy and/or back up hundreds of desktops. In the past, a major upgrade could easily take a month and considerable investment in consultant services. In the new infrastructure, we can build a golden image and clone it 200 times to complete upgrades quickly, successfully, and with minimal in-house administrative resources".

"We are a fast-growing organization and we need technologies that can cost-effectively scale as business and customer needs dictate. Since there's no crystal ball to reveal how our IT requirements will evolve and expand over that time, it's particularly important to deploy a storage architecture that can operate with and complement the broadest set of framework, platform, application, and connectivity solutions that the business might require… NetApp seems to work with everything, and it seems that every vendor supports NetApp. Standardizing on NetApp protects our ability to choose".

By helping to make sure of the availability of business-critical services, J&B; Group's investment in NetApp technology also contributes to a competitive edge.

"We're in business to provide consistent, responsive service to our customers, and this solution helps us do exactly that".

- Chuck Ballard, J&B; Group

Now more than ever, CEOs and CIOs want—no, need—IT to be aligned to the needs and pace of business. Gartner's 2010 CIO Agenda [1] states "CIOs see 2010 as an opportunity to accelerate IT's transition from a support function to strategic contributor." To that end, many CIOs are looking to deliver projects that contribute to bottom line business growth and align business and IT strategies and plans.

But it's been difficult to keep business and IT priorities aligned. Many of you are being squeezed between growing data and shrinking budgets. IT organizations like yours have to do more, faster, with less money than they did in the past.

Many of you are looking for new ways for IT to enable business success today and to be ready for the future. You need a new way of responding to unpredictable business requirements. You want a new speed and agility for deploying applications that drive revenue. You also simply need IT to be able to move faster. Many of you are challenging your IT organizations to fundamentally change the way you think about infrastructure in order to meet objectives. Flexibility is critical. It enables business and IT alike to respond quickly and efficiently in order to best meet business needs today and tomorrow.

WhiteWater West runs two times more servers and 260% more storage in 10% less space because it chose NetApp.
"The combined efficiencies of Microsoft and NetApp ... let us do more using significantly less capacity. For WhiteWater West, that means spending less to support high-availability configurations, run more systems, and store more data. The space we've saved through deduplication alone will support one year's data growth with enough capacity left over to integrate another of our international offices into our Exchange system".
- Dan Morris, WhiteWater West Industries

The key to success is what we call Flexible IT. Built on a shared, virtualized infrastructure, Flexible IT helps IT organizations build environments and allocate resources as needed. These modern infrastructures allow many applications and many user groups to securely leverage a single pool of shared resources. The inherent flexibility of a shared IT infrastructure makes it much more agile and responsive than dedicated IT. Shared infrastructure also increases overall IT efficiency by reducing power, space, and cooling and easing management requirements.

NetApp, together with our global solution partners, helps IT organizations shape their future and deploy shared infrastructure that enables faster responsiveness AND greater efficiencies. These shared, virtualized infrastructures can be built for your own internal use ("private clouds") or built by service providers who enable many different companies to access IT resources for a fee ("public clouds"). Regardless of what you call them, the concepts of flexibility and rapid response are core requirements for these new, modern infrastructures, as well as the business models under which they are consumed.

The College of Saint Rose PDF easily handles data growth and enabled disaster recovery while reducing its management costs and conserving data center resources.
"We haven't bought a physical server in recent memory to deal with data growth. With centralized NetApp storage and VMware server virtualization, we are saving about $100,000 in server purchases every year ... "NetApp has delivered efficiency plus flexibility to complement our VMware environment and meet ever-evolving needs of the institution. With NetApp, we are making better use of our existing capacity and can scale more easily to meet growing demand".
- Alekseiv Pavlinik, The College of Saint Rose

Forward-thinking IT organizations are getting ready for the future today with Flexible IT. Flexible, shared infrastructure can help finally close the gap between what you want to do with your IT infrastructure and what your CEO needs you to do so that IT runs at the speed of business. It enables better alignment to the business. Though business and IT alignment, you gain agility to quickly respond to change, mitigate risk, and capitalize on new opportunities. It also allows you to grow and scale you business—without sacrificing speed. Saving time and doing more mean faster application development, faster problem resolution, and faster time to market. Most important, Flexible IT enables you to innovate to get out in front of your competition and to make your customers productive and profitable with better, higher-quality services.

Best Best & Krieger LLP PDF was able to scale two times while trimming maintenance costs by 6% by working with NetApp and our partners.
"Instead of managing four different systems, we're able to administer a scalable solution from a single point of management. No rip and-replace to scale the system, no complexity, and all at a lower cost. And the solution works seamlessly with our VMware® environment. The time and budget saved is applied to new engineering projects..."
- Dario Frescas, Best Best & Krieger LLP

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[1] Source: Gartner, Inc., Leading in Times of Transition: The 2010 CIO Agenda, 1 Jan 2010 | ID: G00173967