NetApp Academic Alliances help to build storage and data management into IT courses and programmes worldwide.

Evolving technologies such as shared service infrastructures, cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things are changing the way data is processed, stored and accessed. Data management is now fundamental to business efficiency, flexibility and continuity. Throughout the IT industry, there’s growing need for storage and data management expertise. 

The NetApp® Academic Alliances programme helps today’s information technology students learn the technologies, terminology and skills needed to manage massive amounts of data – whether on premises or in the cloud. 

The NetApp Academic Alliances programme provides educational institutions with a portfolio of storage and data management teaching resources including simple, short web-based courses; hands-on exercises with software simulators; and a 30-hour track of study that leads to a NetApp technical certification. The program’s teaching materials are provided at no cost to participating institutions – and are available to qualified, accredited, degree-granting institutions that offer two-year, four-year or graduate programmes.

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