Frequently asked questions about the Innovation Awards programme

Where do I go to access the nomination form?
The nomination form is at NetApp Innovation Awards 2015.

How do I submit a nomination?
All nominations must be submitted online, and no nominations will be accepted in any other format.

Who fills in the forms?
Customers can nominate themselves or be nominated by NetApp sales, channel or technology partners; other companies; or colleagues.

What are the category descriptions?

  • Pioneer: Innovative companies that have transformed IT into a competitive asset by integrating their data centre operations with the cloud. These leaders found ways to integrate on-premises infrastructure with cloud economics by running applications in the cloud, bursting into the cloud, leveraging cloud computing economics or integrating primary storage with back-up, archive or disaster recovery (DR) services in the cloud.
  • Go Beyond: Customers who have applied NetApp flash technology to speed up on-premises database applications and differentiate their company based on storage and data management performance. These leaders experienced significant application performance gains in addition to results achieved through consolidating physical infrastructure, virtualisation software and optimising database licences. Lower TCO and increased agility have allowed these companies to do things they otherwise couldn’t have done without the application of NetApp technology and expertise.
  • Visionary Leadership: Visionary Leadership highlights individuals who used storage and data management technologies to change the trajectory of their organisation. They led a team that embraced a transformational opportunity to address their respective organisational challenge. These visionaries uniquely applied storage and data management technology to enhance performance, improve security or alter the economics of their organisation. Results could include faster time to market, increased revenue, greater customer attainment or improved cost controls. Their approach capitalised on opportunities to incorporate hybrid cloud models, converged infrastructure or flash architectures to deliver better business outcomes. These individuals are respected by people inside and outside their organisations and are viewed as true “game changers”.

How many categories can one company enter?
As many as appropriate.

How much information do I have to provide?
It's important to include a succinct overview of the challenges faced, the solution deployed, and the business outcome within the word count limits specified. The judges will want to understand why this company or this individual is deserving of the award. To see a sample of a winning nomination, click here.

Do I include my contact information on the form as well?
Yes. Please include your information as the person submitting the nomination form in the first section of the form.

Does the customer need to divulge proprietary information on its deployment to the public?
Winning companies and individuals must agree to the use of their name, logo and likeness in a press release, marketing collateral and in promotion through NetApp social media channels. However, winners will not be required to detail their deployment to the public.

How are the winners selected?
A third-party judging panel will select the winners using the following criteria:

  • Business impact: Did productivity increase? Was the business process enhanced? Did the nominee overcome a business challenge by deploying NetApp® products? Did this result in a new best practice? Were operations streamlined?
  • Business results: Were significant, measurable business benefits achieved?
  • Innovation: Was the implementation innovative, or did something innovative result from implementing NetApp solutions?

Do the winners need to be present to receive their award?
Winners must have a representative available to send to NetApp Insight in Las Vegas, Nevada and be present to accept the award at a ceremony on 12-15 October 2015; allow for travel from 12-16 October 2015. NetApp will pay travel expenses, including accommodations, for the winners as well as conference passes for attendees. If the winners cannot attend the awards ceremony, they will forfeit their entry and winnings.

What do the winners receive?

  • Two round trip tickets to Las Vegas, Nevada, and accommodations for four nights' stay to attend NetApp Insight and the awards event in Las Vegas, Nevada 12-15 October 2015
  • Two full conference passes to NetApp Insight Las Vegas 2015
  • Hand-crafted, prestigious award presented during an awards ceremony
  • An exclusive Innovation Awards winner dinner with NetApp executives
  • Public recognition and visibility in the industry

Where and when will the awards ceremony take place?
At NetApp Insight Las Vegas 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada 12-15 October 2015; allow for travel from 12-16 October 2015.

What is the deadline to submit nomination forms?
All nominations must be received by midnight U.S Pacific Time on 11 June 2015.

Who do I contact for more information?
Contact us at