NetApp Storage Efficiency Technologies

NetApp storage efficiency technologies can reduce your storage overhead while improving data availability and management.

As your data needs grow, old ways of managing it no longer suffice. By taking advantage of the NetApp® portfolio of storage efficiency technologies, you can:

  • Store more data in less space.
  • Protect your data while conserving storage capacity.
  • Make your storage budget and investments go further.

For an in-depth look at how some NetApp storage efficiency technologies work, check out the videos for the following technologies:


NetApp Snapshot™ point-in-time copies use minimal storage space to protect your data without performance impact.

Thin Provisioning

Thin provisioning, implemented by NetApp at the FlexVol® volume and LUN level, defers storage purchases by keeping a common pool of free storage available to all applications.

Data Deduplication

Data deduplication cuts storage requirements by reducing redundancies in primary, backup, and archival data.

Data Compression

Data compression reduces the disk space required, regardless of storage protocol, application, or storage tier.


NetApp RAID-DP® technology protects against double disk failure without sacrificing performance or adding disk mirroring overhead.

Virtual Storage Tier

NetApp Virtual Storage Tier lets you scale performance and capacity while achieving the highest level of storage efficiency. Flash Cache intelligent caching helps optimize storage system performance.


NetApp FlexClone® virtual cloning reduces the need for storage by enabling multiple, instant, space-efficient writable copies.

Thin Replication

Thin Replication is at the center of our Data Protection software portfolio, which includes SnapMirror® and SnapVault® software. SnapVault thin replication enables more frequent backups that use less storage capacity, because no redundant data is moved or stored. SnapMirror thin replication protects business-critical data while minimizing storage capacity requirements.

Find out more information about other NetApp storage efficiency technologies of interest:

NetApp FlexClone® virtual cloning reduces the need for storage by enabling multiple, instant, space-efficient writable copies.

OnCommand™ unified manager software lets you centralize deployment, automation, data protection, and monitoring of all your NetApp storage.

Use the My AutoSupport™ Web-based monitoring tool (login required) for a quick view into the health, performance, and storage efficiency of any NetApp storage system.

NetApp V-Series open storage controllers preserve your investments by boosting efficiency and flexibility of the storage you already own, from any major vendor.

To see for yourself how NetApp storage efficiency technologies can fit into your existing environment, explore our Storage Efficiency Blueprint.