Value-Added Services

Benefit from our value-added support offerings that allow you to customize your level of support to match your business strategy.

With our wide range of value-added support offerings, you can take advantage of increased support for your data center infrastructure.

NetApp Support Account Manager - proactive personalized service designed to reduce risk, minimize issues, and gain operational consistency.

NetApp Support Advisor - your support advocate focused on optimizing your storage infrastructure through support best-practices and incident management.

NetApp Resident Support Engineer - day-to-day onsite support from a dedicated expert on NetApp products, processes, and tools to more quickly facilitate storage health, case management, and routine maintenance. This offer is under limited availability. Check with your NetApp Account Manager or certified partner for more information.

Regulatory Advantage - Strengthen your existing NetApp support by adding the Regulatory Advantage service, tailored for healthcare organizations and designed to avoid the high cost of security breaches and HIPAA noncompliance.

  Support Advisor Introduction Support Account Manager Support Account Manager Resident Support Engineer Regulatory Advantage
24x7 P1 case management Yes Yes Yes No No
P2-P4 case escalation management Yes Yes Yes No No
Process post-mortems Yes Yes Yes No No
Technical root-cause analysis Yes Yes Yes No No
NetApp Support process review Yes Yes Yes No No
NetApp Support Site and tools review Yes Yes Yes No No
Product Tech Talks facilitation No No Yes No No
Account Management
Monthly service review meetings (iSAM Quarterly) Yes Yes Yes No No
Installed base data management assistance No Yes Yes No No
Lifecycle management reports (EOS and service contract expiry) No Yes Yes No No
Account documentation No No Yes No No
Monthly best pratice recommendations and tracking DATA ONTAP® (iSAM Quarterly) No Yes Yes No No
Case trending analysis No Yes Yes No No
Field alert analysis No Yes Yes No No
Reporting (storage efficiency and capacity No No Yes No No
Upgrade Advisor
Data Ontap release recommendations and bug tracking No Yes Yes No No
Regular Data Ontap upgrade advice No Yes Yes No No

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