Reduce costs and improve user access to VMware Horizon environments by using NetApp flash-optimized storage solutions.

Provide mobile users with fast, consistent, and secure anytime access to their desktop applications and data, across a variety of devices. NetApp® hybrid or all-flash solutions for VMware® Horizon accelerate application performance, enhance the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) end-user experience, and deliver low cost per desktop.

NetApp storage solutions for VMware Horizon integrate into your existing environment without trade-offs in cost, performance, or enterprise-class capabilities.

NetApp All-Flash FAS storage PDF addresses high-IOPS/low-latency workload requirements so you can meet stringent service-level agreements (SLAs). The All-Flash FAS configurations provide the high performance of solid-state disks (SSDs) without adding risk to your desktop virtualization deployments.

 Using NetApp, you can:

  • Choose the flash solution that best matches your performance and cost goals.
  • Provide mobile users with faster-than-PC performance, no downtime, and secure multi-tenancy.
  • Reduce your storage footprint and simplify management.
  • Speed deployments and eliminate risk through validated reference architectures.

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