Integrated Data Protection

Replace multiple data protection products with one high-efficiency platform: NetApp Integrated Data Protection.

NetApp® Integrated Data Protection delivers continuous availability, disaster recovery, backup, and compliance services via NetApp data storage systems. As a result, you can replace multiple products with a single high-efficiency platform.

Cost-effective NetApp Integrated Data Protection uses data protection services embedded in our Data ONTAP® operating system. Our solution scales across applications and virtual infrastructures because it runs in the storage, where data lives.

Most data protection implementations are complex and expensive. They require multiple single-function products, servers, or appliances to be “bolted” onto your environment. The complete and efficient NetApp Integrated Data Protection solution requires fewer server, storage, and network resources.

With our solution, you can:

  • Lower your cost by purchasing and maintaining fewer systems for data protection.
  • Activate and roll out services in minutes.
  • Control data access with secure multi-tenancy and military-grade (AES-256) encryption and proven key-management solutions.

Learn more about NetApp Integrated Data Protection PDF or explore the tabs to see how one platform can be used for business continuity, backup and recovery, archive, and compliance.