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NetApp EF-Series flash arrays are designed for performance-driven applications with submillisecond latency requirements.

Drive greater speed and responsiveness from the applications that control your key business operations. NetApp® EF-Series flash arrays deliver extreme performance, reliability, and availability in all-SSD enterprise storage.

Use NetApp EF-Series flash arrays to:

  • Increase the speed of business with submillisecond response times.
  • Eliminate over-provisioning and improve IT efficiency.
  • Achieve the transactional performance of 1,000 15K RPM drives—in a 2U enclosure requiring just 5% of the rack space, power, and cooling.
  • Detect and resolve issues fast with advanced monitoring and proactive repair.
  • Protect against data loss and downtime with NetApp Snapshot™ copies, remote replication, and other advanced data protection.
  • Replicate data to either an EF550/EF560 or NetApp E-Series system.
  • Leverage the enterprise-proven SANtricity® software platform.

By combining extreme IOPS, submillisecond response times, scale-up capacity, and enterprise-grade reliability, NetApp EF-Series flash arrays can help you increase productivity and achieve faster business results.

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