Disk Shelves and Storage Media for FAS and V-Series Systems

NetApp disk shelves and storage media provide flexibility, reliability, storage efficiency, and cross-platform leverage.

NetApp storage media options include a full range of high-capacity, high-performance, and self-encrypting disk drives plus ultra-high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs). Disk shelf options let you optimize for capacity, performance, or versatility.

Gain cross-platform leverage.
The same drives and shelves work across multiple storage platforms. Nondisruptive controller upgrades allow you to upgrade platforms for the utmost in flexibility—without additional media purchases or data migration.

Enhance performance with flash.
Self-managing Virtual Storage Tier technologies, including Flash Pool, optimize data placement on flash for maximum performance—reducing by up to 75% the number of spindles needed for a given level of performance.

Achieve enterprise-class resiliency.
Full redundancy, including fans and power supplies, is standard in all disk shelf designs. Advanced features such as alternate control path for out- of-band management, NetApp RAID-DP® for superior data protection, and Maintenance Center for advanced error recovery protect the availability of your data.

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