The SANtricity OS delivers superior performance, reliability, and data protection for your application-driven workloads.

The NetApp® SANtricity® operating system is performance-optimized for delivering data to enterprise applications of all kinds. You can optimize performance on the fly, using adaptive caching algorithms to achieve high IOPS and throughput.

Installed on close to a million systems worldwide, the SANtricity OS has production-proven its robust operation and ability to deliver the highest data integrity. The SANtricity OS:

  • Delivers best-in-class reliability with automated features, online configuration options, state-of-the-art RAID, proactive monitoring, and AutoSupport™ capabilities.
  • Extends data protection via mirroring, Dynamic Disk Pools, Snapshot™ copies to ensure data integrity and advanced diagnostics
  • Provides data integrity checking from the controller to the drive (T10-PI standard)
  • Full disk AES-256 encryption[*]compliant with FIPS 140-2 level 2 using validated drives provides data security with cost-effective local key management system
  • Includes plug-ins for application-aware deployments of Oracle®, VMware®, Microsoft®, Splunk, Nagios, Puppet, and Chef applications

Learn more about the SANtricity Operating System for NetApp E-Series hybrid storage systems and EF-Series flash arrays. Read the SANtricity OS datasheet PDF.

[*] Hardware and software for at-rest data encryption is not available in certain countries including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other Eurasian Customs Union countries.