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Gain heightened use and performance from the Data ONTAP® 7G operating system in NetApp FAS and V-Series systems for a fully virtualized data management environment.

NetApp deduplication is a fundamental component of our core operating architecture - Data ONTAP®. NetApp deduplication is the first that can be used broadly across many applications, including primary data, backup data, and archival data.

FlexShare software is a Data ONTAP software feature that lets you consolidate with confidence. Using it, you can tune how your system should prioritize its resources during conditions of high system utilization.

Our Snapshot technology enables you to create point-in-time copies of file systems, which you can use to protect data—from a single file to a complete disaster recovery solution.

NetApp’s FlexVol® enables you to create virtual volumes that you can manage and move independently from physical storage. Now you can respond to changing storage needs fast, with little effort and no disruptions.

RAID-DP™ is a standard Data ONTAP® feature that safeguards your data from double disk failure. Integrated with our WAFL® (Write Anywhere File Layout) file system, RAID-DP gives you data protection plus high performance.

FilerView®, an easy-to-use browser-based tool, is the primary interface available on every NetApp storage system for managing administrative tasks ranging from installation to complete configuration.

 HA System Configuration
NetApp High Availability System Configuration delivers a robust and highly available data service for business-critical environments.

NetApp SyncMirror provides synchronous data replication for maximum data availability. SyncMirror maintains two copies of data online, providing protection against all types of hardware outages, including triple disk failure.

 SnapValidator for Oracle
Ensure the availability of your business-critical data with our SnapValidator software and leverage the added data protection built into your Oracle® database.