Data ONTAP Optional Capabilities

A new version of this product is available.
Please see the Data ONTAP 8 page.

Gain heightened use and performance from the Data ONTAP® 7G operating system in NetApp FAS and V-Series systems for a fully virtualized data management environment.

DataMotion lets you easily and quickly move data from one logical or physical storage device to another while maintaining continuous access to your applications. The result is that you can keep your shared storage infrastructure running as you add capacity, update infrastructure technology, and balance performance.

With our FlexCache™ software, you can scale performance for large compute farms, accelerate access for remote offices, and simplify management of tiered storage. Our Snapshot technology enables you to create point-in-time copies of file systems, which you can use to protect data—from a single file to a complete disaster recovery solution.

Our FlexClone® technology instantly replicates data volumes and data sets as transparent, virtual copies by using clones to increase productivity and save storage space without compromising performance.

Our MultiStore® software provides secure partitioning of network and storage resources so that you can consolidate multiple domains and servers on a single storage system without risk.