Monitor, measure, and improve your data center resource utilization to achieve optimum performance.

NetApp® OnCommand® Insight Perform software helps you improve end-to-end performance from your virtual machine (VM) environment through your storage network down to your disks. It gathers near real-time VM, fabric, and storage performance data from your environment and maps it to applications, hosts, and service paths.

OnCommand Insight Perform:

  • Improves array, switch, and fabric utilization without compromising performance
  • Monitors SAN workload balance to validate your configuration, including multipath
  • Tracks and trends performance data in the context of your business or technology requirements
  • Provides storage and SAN contention and congestion analytics to aid in faster time to fix
  • Facilitates reclamation and consolidation projects

Implement application workload balancing for safe increases in resource utilization and to avoid outages. OnCommand Insight Perform helps you maximize use of your existing storage resources to defer capital expenditures and get the highest returns on your storage investments.

Learn how OnCommand Insight can help you improve capacity planning, accelerate consolidation projects, and meet C-level reporting expectations: