Make Your IT Future Ready Today by Building a Shared IT Infrastructure

Are you ready for the future? The future is Flexible IT.
Flexible IT begins with shared, virtualized infrastructure.

It’s time to bring back that lesson we all learned in kindergarten. Sharing is good. Yet few of us put that lesson into practice now that we run our own IT environments. We’re hesitant to share data center resources among applications, projects, and clients. That’s too bad.

Let’s face it. Whether you are focused on your company’s IT infrastructure or your business’ bottom line growth, you need to be able to move fast to seize new opportunities, respond to competitive pressures, and meet evolving customer requirements, while being as efficient as possible. The best way to keep up with the pace of business and data today, and to be ready for the future, is with a shared, virtualized infrastructure.

Shared IT infrastructure enables IT consolidation and the potential for massive cost savings by running multiple workloads on the same hardware. Storage and data management, for example, often comprise a significant chunk of your IT budget. By enabling multiple users to share a common pool of resources, you can reduce the cost of storage infrastructure and data management. By design, shared IT infrastructure increases resource utilization and enables a wide range of operational efficiencies, including:

  • Faster, more scalable IT services
  • Improved architectural flexibility and responsiveness
  • Faster application delivery
  • Lower overall acquisition and management costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Easier business and IT priority alignment

When Snap-tite updated its infrastructure, it gained flexibility for painless growth and development. Snap-tite’s new Flexible IT infrastructure saves the company time and allows Snap-tite to take on more opportunities than it could in the past. Similarly, BT boosted its utilization 200% and increased its ability to go after new market opportunity by building a flexible, shared IT infrastructure based on NetApp solutions.

It’s Time to Be Future Ready
It’s time to rethink “business as usual.”

Did you know that legacy architectures can have as much as 10 times the storage you actually need—even when you factor in the extra capacity required to support a company’s anticipated growth and the data explosion? Technology has advanced to enable a whole new way of doing business that makes your IT and your business more flexible, responsive, efficient, and dynamic. Stop wasting time, money, and resources! Instead, use those resources to serve the strategic needs of your business. After all, isn’t that the primary metric by which most IT job performance is measured?

It’s Easier to Be Flexible and Efficient
Don’t get us wrong. We all know that shared, virtualized infrastructures are not new. A shared IT infrastructure is at the foundation of IT as a service (or cloud computing, if you prefer). It’s part of an overall customer solution that includes shared storage in addition to virtualization software, server hardware, and network and management components from NetApp and our solution and technology partners [1] such as BMC, Cisco, Intel, and VMware. What is new is an even easier approach to deploying more flexible and efficient shared IT infrastructure, including:

  • A storage architecture that allows you to scale in multiple dimensions
  • Integration with industry partners that makes managing your shared IT infrastructure easier
  • More ways to consolidate infrastructure, such as a unified connection for network cabling and better rack density
  • Flexible building blocks that can be ordered as a single SKU to simplify how you deploy shared IT infrastructure

Align IT and Business to Drive Success
In many companies, IT has become an impediment instead of an enabler—it often just takes too long to respond.

  • Are your business customers happy with the service you’re providing to them?
  • Can you respond as fast as they want?
  • Can you respond so fast that IT actually becomes a competitive weapon?
We think that’s the kind flexibility and speed your IT infrastructure should deliver. When you look to the not-so-distant-future, IT emerges as a tool that you can use to drive more business and gain or maintain a competitive edge. Done correctly, it can make you more agile, nimble, and responsive to changing business needs.

Sharing IT resources enables you to aggregate systems, software, storage, and networking, and your IT staff, and to allocate those resources across multiple people, projects, and organizations. You have an infrastructure that is standardized that leverages best practices and common protocols. You can optimize important things like training, management, and IT services.

Basically, moving away from silo-based architectures enables you to be more flexible, to respond quickly to changing business needs. It’s IT as a utility service. You’re not partitioning information and data, but rather applying hardware and software resources on-demand to meet the needs of specific applications or departments.

nGenX, a pioneer in the on-demand IT services industry, supported 32% annual growth, used 50% to 60% less storage in its Hyper-V™ environment, and reduced support costs by 40% with NetApp solutions. At the same time, it allows multiple customers to tap into the same physical storage infrastructure—all while helping ensure the highest levels of security and fast, reliable data backup and recovery to support stringent service-level agreements. And Sensis realized a 47% overall IT cost reduction in five years while accelerating its time to market.

Are You Ready for the Future of IT?

Rearchitecting for a shared IT infrastructure requires new selection criteria. These new criteria are critical for achieving the compelling economics and response times that today’s business requires. Even if your company isn’t ready to implement a fully shared IT infrastructure, or if you’re only looking to buy for a specific project or application, these new buying criteria give you the confidence that your foundation can move from supporting today’s most demanding applications to powering tomorrow’s on-demand service delivery model. Solutions that deliver on these essential points will provide the flexibility, efficiency and future-proof foundation required to help your business go further, faster.

Shared IT Infrastructure Purchase Criteria

  • Scale Up and Scale Out. Scale performance & capacity on-demand
  • Storage Efficiency. Build-in efficiency at every step
  • Intelligent Caching. Optimize cost-performance by workload
  • Unified Architecture. One architecture for all workloads
  • Integrated Data Protection. Seamless protection for backups & DR
  • Non-stop Operations. Continuous data availability for all tenants
  • Secure Multi-tenancy. Securely isolate shared storage
  • Service Automation and Analytics. Reduce complexity, cost and enable ITaaS

NetApp and our solution partners help provide you a roadmap to get to a future-ready IT environment. Together, we can help you get there more quickly, and be more competitive and more efficient, and we can help you enable IT to drive business success.

Are you ready for the future? The future is Flexible IT. And it begins with a shared, virtualized infrastructure.

Learn more about building a future-ready, Flexible IT with NetApp and our partners. If you’re ready to transform your IT organization into a shared IT infrastructure for maximum flexibility and efficiency, contact your local NetApp representative or one of our many qualified partners.

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[1] The use of the word “partner” or “partnership” does not imply a legal partnership between NetApp and any other company.