Network Appliance et FileNET s'associent pour simplifier la gestion de contenus

Paris, le 5 février 2003 -- Network Appliance, fournisseur leader de solutions de stockage pour les réseaux d'entreprises et FileNET Corporation, (NASDAQ: FILE), fournisseur leader de solutions de gestion de contenu d'entreprise (Enterprise Content Management - ECM), s'associent pour fournir des solutions de stockage en réseau aux clients de FileNET, dans le cadre du programme de partenariat ValueNET de FileNET.

NetApp solutions provide FileNET customers with high-performance enterprise storage that offers unified NAS and SAN capability, unmatched data availability, and the ability to grow storage online, without downtime. NetApp storage systems also offer affordable and robust mission-critical business continuance solutions, fast enterprise storage for FileNET Content Services, Image Services MKF files and page cache, as well as full support for leading databases, including Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL Server.

"Immediate access to current and archived data is one of the most critical components of effective document management," said Michael Harris, senior vice president of products and strategy at FileNET. "Network Appliance's simplified and unified storage approach and building-block architecture, used in conjunction with FileNET ECM, offer our customers the flexibility to build and grow their repositories to many terabytes without sacrificing performance."

The NetApp NearStore system, a nearline storage solution, is ideal for customers with large MSAR deployments looking to reduce administrative overhead and improve IT efficiencies when backing up and restoring data. NearStore enhances FileNET Image Services performance by offering a scalable, cost-effective architecture that protects critical documents while providing faster access and simplified overall data management compared to optical libraries. Consolidating FileNET data on a NearStore system using MSAR provides customers with continuous access to critical data, scalable data sharing, and centralized data management. Customers may also use OSAR and MSAR together, storing documents simultaneously to optical libraries and to a NearStore appliance to meet the dual needs of regulatory compliance and rapid data access.

"Network Appliance is committed to delivering storage solutions that improve productivity and simplify data-intensive enterprise applications such as document management," said Phil Williams, vice president of strategic alliances at Network Appliance. "By partnering with FileNET, we are able to deliver a secure, scalable repository for mission-critical documents and content that is highly available, easy to manage, and protect against accidents or disasters." Joint testing of MSAR with NetApp storage was carried out at the FileNET QA Labs in Costa Mesa, CA. The two companies are also continuing testing of MSAR with NetApp's unified storage and NearStore product line in both NAS and SAN configurations.

A propos de Network Appliance
Network Appliance est le leader mondial des solutions de stockage unifié pour les entreprises aujourd'hui soumises à de fortes contraintes en terme de gestion de données et de contenus. Depuis ses débuts en 1992, Network Appliance fournit des solutions rapides, simples et fiables qui s'inscrivent dans l'évolution du stockage.

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