NS0 330 Storage Security Solutions Architect

As a NetApp Storage Security Solutions Architect, you will have proven skills in implementation, support, and performance management for DataFort appliances in both SAN and NAS environments. You will also have a working knowledge of at least one tape backup application, and at least one disk multipathing application. You will also be familiar with OSI model layer 1-3 and network storage sharing.

Skills Tested:

  • Analyze the storage and security environment
  • Define DataFort-specific policies
  • Analyze the data center infrastructure
  • Describe DataFort limits
  • Determine DataFort deployment, applying definitions and limits
  • Assign security officer and administrator responsibilities
  • Describe, document, and test recovery procedures
  • Describe and document new DataFort procedures
  • Describe data recovery configuration
  • Define key-sharing policies
  • Analyze the business environment
  • Analyze compliance and regulatory issues
  • Configure network management port
  • Configure zoning (VSAN, hard, soft)
  • Install security solution
  • Install and execute the installation wizard
  • Install LKM
  • Configure DataFort(s) to backup to LKM
  • Configure storage environment (domains, fileservers, Cryptainers)
  • Configure NAS and SAN details
  • Perform maintenance procedures
  • Perform key-sharing procedures
  • Validate disaster recovery design and implementation
  • Perform a "techdump" for support
  • Confirm remote logging capability
  • Perform data gathering procedures
  • Enable file blocking
  • Enable virus scanning
  • Defining Fibre Channel administrative functions

Exam Information:

Schedule your exam by calling 1-800-596-3926 or by visiting http://www.prometric.com/NetApp.

50 Items
Time: 1.5 hours

Recommended Courses:

ILT: DataFort Storage Security Administration

Note: ILT – Instructor-Led Training and WBT – Web-Based Training

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