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jun 30, 2017Storage Performance PrimerInforme técnico
This paper describes the basic performance concepts as they relate to NetApp® storage systems and the ONTAP® operating system. It also describes how operations are processed by the system, how different features in ONTAP can affect performance, and how to observe the performance of a cluster.
jun 30, 2017Scalable SAN Best Practices in Clustered Data ONTAPInforme técnico
This Technical Report provides details about scalable SAN in clustered Data ONTAP, updated for the 8.3.1 release. It covers path management best practices for both Fibre Channel and iSCSI protocols; MPIO, ALUA, DataMotion for LUNs (lun move and lun copy), and other SAN-related Data ONTAP features.
jun 26, 2017SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Support Account ManagerEspecificacion técnica
Complement your NetApp® SupportEdge Premium or SupportEdge Secure for Government service with the purchase of the Support Account Manager offering. This service description includes information about the service's deliverables and availability.
jun 21, 2017NetApp HCI: Break Free from the Limits of Today's Hyper Converged SolutionsEspecificacion técnica
This hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) infographic depicts the comparison between NetApp's next generation HCI platform and today's current first generation HCI.
Omega Peripherals, partner integrador de este proyecto, ha implantado la solución de almacenamiento de NetApp objeto de este proyecto
jun 15, 2017NetApp FlexGroup Volumes Best Practices and Implementation Guide | TR-4571Informe técnico
This document is a brief overview of the new NetApp® ONTAP® FlexGroup feature and a set of best practices and implementation tips to use with this feature. NetApp FlexGroup is an evolution of scale-out NAS containers that blends near-infinite capacity with predictable, low-latency performance in ...
jun 12, 2017Andorra Telecom pone en marcha Som CloudCaso de cliente
Pone en marcha Som Cloud, un proyecto sin precedentes en Andorra que da servicio a todo el país con el soporte de Nexica y la tecnología de NetApp.
jun 12, 2017Caso de cliente - Lucania GestiónCaso de cliente
Ahorra un 50% de Espacio en el Almacenamiento de sus Datos con All Flash FAS de NetApp
jun 12, 2017Especificaciones técnicas de SF9608 de SolidFireEspecificacion técnica
Diseñada para FlexPod SF, SF9608 es una plataforma de almacenamiento all-flash que permite a las empresas automatizar y escalar su cloud privado de nueva generación.
jun 05, 2017NetApp SnapCenterEspecificacion técnica
Simple. Scalable. Empowering. Enterprise data protection and clone management across the Data Fabric
Results 1 - 10 of 1474