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abr 12, 2017Nuevas fronteras en el almacenamiento de estado sólidoDocumento técnico
Las últimas innovaciones en tecnología de almacenamiento, como NVMe (Nonvolatile Memory Express), NVMe over Fabrics (NVME-oF) y la memoria de clase de almacenamiento (SCM), también conocida como PMEM, están cambiando las reglas del juego en los centros de datos, y NetApp está trabajando para que ...
sep 28, 2016NetApp Data Fabric Architecture FundamentalsDocumento técnico
Hybrid and multicloud deployment models are the new normal for enterprise IT organizations. With these mixed environments, new challenges around data management emerge. NetApp’s vision for data management is a data fabric that seamlessly connects different clouds, whether they are private, ...
jul 27, 2015Data Fabric: Realize the Full Potential of the Hybrid CloudDocumento técnico
Achieving Business Benefits In The Hybrid Cloud Requires The Ability To Weave a Unifying Data Fabric Across Disparate Environments
feb 21, 2015IDC White Paper: Object-Based Storage: The Need for Decentralized Scale-Out ...Documento técnico
jul 09, 2014Top-Five Reasons to Invest in FlexPod Business-Continuance SolutionsDocumento técnico
FlexPod business continuance solutions benefit your enterprise with continuous availability, better resource utilization and improved service level targets
ene 08, 2013Enabling Tools and Automation to Maximize System Uptime and PerformanceDocumento técnico
sep 01, 2012Delivering Excellence in Patient Care with Ready Access to Clinical DataDocumento técnico
Clinical Data storage, Agile Data, Healthcare storage, V-Sereis for healthcare, Helathcare big data, data storage
jun 20, 2012Elevate Public Safety with Intelligence from Video Capture and AnalysisDocumento técnico
New video surveillance technologies, coupled with longer retention periods, are taxing current storage infrastructures. Organizations now require increased bandwidth, higher write speeds, and larger capacity to store the ever-increasing volumes of data captured by higher-esolution cameras. The ...
mar 10, 2012The ABCs of Big Data Analytics, Bandwidth and ContentDocumento técnico
Big Data, Big Analytics, Big Content, Big Bandwidth
ene 01, 2012pNFS: A New Standard for Shared, High-Performance Parallel I/ODocumento técnico
pNFS offers an industry-standard framework for shared, high-performance parallel I/O suitable for use with data-intensive scientific, engineering, and other applications running on large compute clusters. pNFS overcomes the single-file server design of standard NFS by utilizing a metadata server ...
Results 1 - 10 of 15