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ago 18, 2016Scalable SAN Best Practices in Clustered Data ONTAPInforme técnico
This Technical Report provides details about scalable SAN in clustered Data ONTAP, updated for the 8.3.1 release. It covers path management best practices for both Fibre Channel and iSCSI protocols; MPIO, ALUA, DataMotion for LUNs (lun move and lun copy), and other SAN-related Data ONTAP features.
ago 12, 2016IDC: Gestión de la Información y Continuidad de Negocio en entornos de Cloud ...CSDetails,Caso de cliente
Descubra las ventajas del servicio de copia remota y recuperación ante desastres de Telefónica basado en tecnología NetApp
ago 08, 2016Almacenamiento para la nueva generación de centros de datosEspecificacion técnica
ago 05, 2016Name Services Best Practices Guide | TR-4379Informe técnico
ONTAP provides the ability to leverage external name services such as DNS, LDAP and NIS for enterprise NAS environments. This document covers those scenarios and their best practices.
jul 26, 2016Services Certified PartnersCaso de cliente
A brief showing the benefits and value of becoming a services certified partner
jul 22, 2016Secure Unified Authentication | TR-4073Informe técnico
Windows Active Directory is used for the KDC and LDAP server in this document. There is also a mention of MIT KDC and RedHat Directory Services LDAP. SSSD is used as the LDAP client on the Linux systems. RHEL/CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Solaris and SUSE/SLES are all covered for configuration steps, ...
jul 20, 2016Clustered Data ONTAP NFS Implementation Guide | TR-4067Informe técnico
This document details steps in the configuration of an NFS server in ONTAP, NFSv4 features, best practices and the differences between Clustered Data ONTAP and 7-Mode.
jul 13, 2016OnCommand System ManagerEspecificacion técnica
NetApp OnCommand System Manager is a powerful configuration and management solution for NetApp storage—including Web-based storage, element, and cluster management
jul 13, 2016Oracle Databases on Data ONTAP | TR-3633Informe técnico
This document discusses general considerations for all Oracle environments followed by specific recommendations based on the choice of virtualization and OS. Special topics such as the choice of filesystem layout and NFS lock breaking are included in the appendices.
jul 08, 2016Antivirus Solution Guide for Clustered Data ONTAP — Symantec | TR-4304Informe técnico
TR-4304 covers deployment procedures for the components of the antivirus solution, including the Symantec antivirus software, along with best practices for the configuration of each component
Results 1 - 10 of 1548