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jul 12, 2012Citrix XenServer and NetApp Storage Best PracticeInforme técnico
Citrix XenServer is an enterprise-ready virtualization platform with the scalability required by Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, and other business-critical applications.
jul 07, 2009IBM DB2 9.5 Performance and Scalability on RHEL5 with NFS and FCP Using ...Informe técnico
Before you make a business decision to use FCP or NFS for your DB2 database in a NetApp® FAS or IBM N series environment, you need to consider various factors such as performance, scalability, and cost. This paper is based on a joint study between NetApp and IBM and offers tuning recommendations ...
may 28, 2009PowerVM Live Partition Mobility on IBM Power Systems Using DB2 and NetApp ...Informe técnico
IBM offers an array of virtualization technologies that enable users to improve the utilization of their information-technology resources. One of those technologies is called IBM® Live Partition Mobility (LPM). This technology enables the movement of servers from one physical system to a second ...
may 06, 2008An Automatic MetroCluster Site Failover SolutionInforme técnico
NetApp® MetroCluster provides a metropolitan-distance highly available synchronous mirroring solution with unique integrated rapid disaster recovery functionality. Normally the decision to bring services up on a disaster recovery site in the event of a real disaster is made manually. However, the...
may 01, 2008FlexVol and FlexClone in IBM Rational ClearCase EnvironmentsInforme técnico
As a Rational ClearCase or storage administrator, most likely you often come across scenarios in which you are about to run out of disk space and wring your hands in frustration, looking for a way to better manage your VOB and View storage requirements. In addition, it’s always a challenge to ...
abr 01, 2008Enabling Virtualized Grids with Oracle and NetAppDocumento técnico
Oracle® Grid architectures are absorbing new technologies and are continuing to evolve. The recent introduction of Oracle VM for advanced server virtualization, in combination with storage virtualization features of NetApp such as FlexVol®, FlexClone®, and FAS deduplication, make it possible to ...
Results 1 - 6 of 6
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