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ene 24, 2014The 50% Virtualization Guarantee* Program Technical GuideDocumento técnico
NetApp believes completely in its business solutions around VMware and storage. Therefore, NetApp is offering the VMware Storage Program Guarantee, a contractual guarantee of 50% space savings to customers using NetApp storage in VMware environments. If a customer who participates in the Program ...
jun 11, 2013NetApp Host Multipath StrategyDocumento técnico
In today’s business environment, high availability is not just a benefit but a necessity. Multipath I/O is an important high-availability solution and an important component of SAN infrastructures. This paper discusses various distribution models of multipathing software and the host multipath ...
ene 03, 2013The NetApp Agile Data InfrastructureDocumento técnico
A guide describing an agile data infrastructure and how to manage monumental data growth.
sep 01, 2012Delivering Excellence in Patient Care with Ready Access to Clinical DataDocumento técnico
Clinical Data storage, Agile Data, Healthcare storage, V-Sereis for healthcare, Helathcare big data, data storage
ago 22, 2012Using NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop to Improve Customer SupportDocumento técnico
See how NetApp used Hadoop to handle large amounts of unstructured data and reduce the time needed to run two queries in AutoSupport, a service used to proactively manage customer storage environment and deliver better customer support.
jul 31, 2012Private Cloud — It’s More Than Just VirtualizationDocumento técnico
A NetApp commissioned private cloud white paper based on a survey of IT decision-makers.
jul 31, 2012Validated FlexPod Management Solutions: Automation and OrchestrationDocumento técnico
IT teams transitioning to shared infrastructure and cloud need end-to-end management solutions that can automate and orchestrate the deployment of services across a full infrastructure stack. Validated FlexPod Management Solutions are packaged products that provide turnkey solutions for the ...
jul 18, 2012Creating an Enterprise-Wide Cloud StrategyDocumento técnico
Define your cloud strategy for moving workloads to private, public, or hybrid clouds.
jun 20, 2012Elevate Public Safety with Intelligence from Video Capture and AnalysisDocumento técnico
New video surveillance technologies, coupled with longer retention periods, are taxing current storage infrastructures. Organizations now require increased bandwidth, higher write speeds, and larger capacity to store the ever-increasing volumes of data captured by higher-esolution cameras. The ...
jun 05, 2012Ten Smart Things to Know About Storage: Trends, Developments and Tips to Make...Documento técnico
Short booklet that highlights ten smart things to know about storage by discussing trends, developments and tips to make your storage environment more efficient.
Results 1 - 10 of 200