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feb 21, 2015IDC White Paper: Object-Based Storage: The Need for Decentralized Scale-Out ...Documento técnico
jul 09, 2014Top-Five Reasons to Invest in FlexPod Business-Continuance SolutionsDocumento técnico
FlexPod business continuance solutions benefit your enterprise with continuous availability, better resource utilization and improved service level targets
jun 30, 2014NetApp: Where Better Backup Is Built-inDocumento técnico
Analyst guidance on how to define your modern DP strategy, and the role that NetApp snapshot copies can play.
mar 10, 2014VMware Horizon View 5.2 on NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP at $35/DeskDocumento técnico
This paper documents the tests performed to validate the $35 per desktop claim. This storage configuration allows hosting 800 users in a two-rack unit (2U) NetApp FAS2240-2 storage system. You can scale to thousands of desktops at the same $35 storage cost per desktop by adding more 2U NetApp ...
ene 24, 2014The 50% Virtualization Guarantee* Program Technical GuideDocumento técnico
NetApp believes completely in its business solutions around VMware and storage. Therefore, NetApp is offering the VMware Storage Program Guarantee, a contractual guarantee of 50% space savings to customers using NetApp storage in VMware environments. If a customer who participates in the Program ...
ene 01, 2014Previsiones y tendencias para 2014 de NetAppDocumento técnico
oct 04, 2013Smart Classrooms + Smart Technology = Smart StudentsDocumento técnico
Technology is fundamentally changing the way students work, and by extension, how schools teach.
jun 11, 2013NetApp Host Multipath StrategyDocumento técnico
In today’s business environment, high availability is not just a benefit but a necessity. Multipath I/O is an important high-availability solution and an important component of SAN infrastructures. This paper discusses various distribution models of multipathing software and the host multipath ...
abr 25, 2013Deploying Flash in the EnterpriseDocumento técnico
Choices to Optimize Performance and Cost
ene 08, 2013Enabling Tools and Automation to Maximize System Uptime and PerformanceDocumento técnico
Results 1 - 10 of 263