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Apr 13, 2017NetApp Certification Reference DocumentsDatenblatt
List of reference documents that can be used for certification exam preparation.
Mrz 31, 2017E-Series Reference Architecture with VeeamTechnischer Bericht
Virtualizing an environment provides increased levels of data availability, but meeting aggressive recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) becomes increasingly difficult. Veeam and NetApp help you modernize your data protection strategy with a solution that is ...
Feb 14, 2017Name Services Best Practice Guide | TR-4379Technischer Bericht
ONTAP provides the ability to leverage external name services such as DNS, LDAP and NIS for enterprise NAS environments. This document covers those scenarios and their best practices. Data ONTAP provides the ability to leverage external name services such as DNS, LDAP and NIS for enterprise NAS ...
Feb 09, 2017Secure Unified Authentication | TR-4073Technischer Bericht
TR-4073 describes the configuration of NetApp storage systems running Data ONTAP to leverage Secure Unified Authentication via Kerberos v5, NFSv4 and LDAP.
Feb 01, 2017NetApp FlexGroup Best Practices and Implementation Guide | TR-4571Technischer Bericht
This document provides a BRIEF overview of the new NetApp® ONTAP® FlexGroup feature and a set of best practices and implementation tips to use with this feature. NetApp FlexGroup is an evolution of scale-out NAS containers that blends near-infinite capacity with predictable, low-latency ...
Jan 27, 2017NetApp System Installation ServicesDatenblatt
Services datasheet detailing the NetApp System Installation Services for NetApp storage systems, nodes, appliances, or other technology.
Jan 01, 2017Veritas and NetApp Solution for Enterprise ApplicationsDatenblatt
Optimize your performance-driven workloads without sacrificing flexibility or availability while reducing costs. This solution combines Symantec Storage Foundation software with lightning fast EF-series storage to provide a high-performance solution for enterprise applications.
Okt 29, 2016NetApp Cloud Control for Microsoft Ofce 365Datenblatt
Complete SaaS ofering for Ofce 365 backup, archive, and compliance
Okt 20, 2016SolidFire FlashForward Capacity Licensing Solution BriefDatenblatt
FlashForward Capacity Licensing is a new model for purchasing SolidFire that combines the flexibility of software-only storage with the simple deployment and management of storage appliances.
Okt 17, 2016Data Analytics for a Successful FutureWhite Paper
This paper explains why the ability to analyze data quickly and transforming it into an action plan represents a valuable competitive advantage. Advanced analysis grants businesses more of an insight into their processes, their production processes, their customers and their markets.
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