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Jun 07, 2013TR-3958: NetApp Data Compression and Deduplication in Data ONTAP 8.1 and above, Deployment and Implementation GuideTechnischer Bericht
This technical report focuses on the Data ONTAP® 8.1 operating in 7-Mode implementation of NetApp® data compression and NetApp deduplication. For information on implementation with clustered Data ONTAP see TR-3966, “NetApp Deduplication and Data Compression Deployment and Implementation Guide” or...
Mrz 01, 2013RAID-DP: NetApp Implementation of RAID Double Parity for Data ProtectionTechnischer Bericht
This document provides an in-depth overview of the NetApp® RAID-DP® implementation for double parity–based data protection. Several aspects of RAID-DP are covered, including how it works, resiliency versus other RAID technologies, performance, and capacity utilization.
Mrz 01, 20137-Mode SnapMirror Async Overview and BestPractices GuideTechnischer Bericht
This document is a deployment guide for designing and deploying NetApp® SnapMirror® Async in a customer environment. It describes replicating data to a NetApp destination system by using NetApp SnapMirror technology. As always, please refer to the latest technical publications on the NOW™ (NetApp...
Sep 27, 2012Rent-A-Center Rapidly Expands into New Market with NetApp StorageKundenreferenz
Today, more than one million customers rely on the name-brand products and services that RAC provides. The retailer enables consumers to furnish their homes with the merchandise they need with no long-term obligation, down payment, or the worry of repair bills. To make its products and services ...
Sep 25, 2012CERN—the European Organization for Nuclear ResearchKundenreferenz
How CERN helps physicists unlock the secrets of the universe running critical operations on a foundation of Oracle databases on NetApp storage.
Aug 22, 2012How the City of Melrose Reached the Clouds with VMware on NetApp FlexPod DatacenterKundenreferenz
With a creative investment in a re-imagined information infrastructure, the Massachusetts city of Melrose not only improved services and cut IT costs by a third, but is also offering the Cloud to other nearby towns.
Aug 08, 2012SnapVault Best Practices GuideTechnischer Bericht
This document is intended to serve as a deployment guide for architecting and deploying SnapVault® in a customer environment. As always, please refer to the latest technical publications on the NOW™ (NetApp on the Web) site for specific updates on processes, Data ONTAP® command syntax, and the ...
Jul 24, 2012Hochverfügbarkeit 24/7 bis nach China: Eckerle Gruppe sattelt um auf NetAppKundenreferenz
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Jul 24, 2012Bei Felsomat sind Serverausfälle Vergangenheit – dank NetAppKundenreferenz
Upload Customer Reference Felsomat
Jul 24, 2012Ausfälle vermeiden – FAI rent-a-jet sichert Flugplanung mit NetApp MetroClusterKundenreferenz
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