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Apr 07, 2014Flash Pool Design and Implementation GuideTechnischer Bericht
This technical report covers NetApp® Flash Pool™ intelligent caching to provide a firm understanding of how Flash Pool technology works, when and how to use it, and best practices and design considerations for deploying Flash Pool aggregates.
Apr 01, 2014TR-4068: VMware vSphere 5 on NetApp Clustered Data ONTAPTechnischer Bericht
NetApp technology enables data centers to extend their virtual infrastructures to include the benefits of advanced storage virtualization. NetApp leads the storage industry with a single information platform that is hardware agnostic, is able to aggregate disparate forms of hardware together, and...
Apr 01, 2014NetApp for Oracle DatabaseTechnischer Bericht
The NetApp for Oracle Database NVA enables companies to optimize and protect their Oracle Database infrastructures by providing advanced storage and data management capabilities. The NetApp industry-leading storage solutions provide the features, scalability, flexibility, and availability needed ...
Apr 01, 2014NetApp Snap Creator Framework with IBM Domino Plug-In Deployment and Configuration GuideTechnischer Bericht
For mission-critical applications, it is very important that backups are performed after verifying application consistency. The application consistency feature confirms the data integrity and usability of the backup image. NetApp® Snap Creator™ Framework contains a plug-in for IBM Domino that ...
Mrz 14, 2014Oracle VM and NetApp Storage Best Practices GuideTechnischer Bericht
This technical report reviews the best practices for implementing an Oracle VM (OVM) virtual infrastructure with NetApp storage systems. Scenarios corresponding to all three storage protocols—NFS, iSCSI, and FC—are covered, along with an Oracle VM–NetApp deployment case study.
Mrz 01, 2014Best Practices for Oracle Databases on NetApp StorageTechnischer Bericht
This document addresses the small number of true requirements for deploying an Oracle Database on NetApp storage. In addition, it reviews many design considerations that must be addressed by the architect of the Oracle storage solution based on that architect’s specific business requirements. In ...
Feb 19, 2014200,000 Exchange Server 2013 Mailboxes on NetApp FAS8060Technischer Bericht
This report describes the testing of 200,000 Exchange Server 2013 mailboxes in a virtualized environment on a 6-node NetApp® FAS8060 storage cluster running the clustered Data ONTAP® operating system. The workload was generated by using Jetstress 2013.
Feb 04, 2014Clustered Data ONTAP NFS Best Practice and Implementation GuideTechnischer Bericht
This report serves as an NFSv3/v4 operational guide and overview of NetApp® Clustered Data ONTAP® software. It details steps in the configuration of an NFS server, NFSv4 features, best practices and the differences between Clustered Data ONTAP and 7-Mode.
Feb 01, 2014NetApp SnapProtect Management Software: Overview and Design ConsiderationsTechnischer Bericht
NetApp® SnapProtect® management software is changing today’s backup and recovery landscape. SnapProtect software combines simplified manageability, power, and flexibility for virtual environments with full support for enterprise database applications while providing virtually seamless integration...
Feb 01, 2014TR-3732: Citrix XenServer and NetApp Storage Best PracticesTechnischer Bericht
This technical report covers the Best Practices and overview of implementing Citrix XenServer on NetApp storage. The document also covers the XenServer Storage Repository configurations for various protocols. The various data protection methods for Citrix XenServer deployed over NetApp are ...
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