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Besprechen Sie Ihre Ideen direkt mit NetApp Bloggern, darunter Mitgründer Dave Hitz und andere Führungskräfte, technische Leiter, Solution Architects und System Engineers. Die NetApp Blogs befassen sich mit den unterschiedlichsten Themen, von branchenspezifischen Problemen und Trends über die Ansichten unserer Führungskräfte bis hin zu Technologie-Tipps, NetApp Produkten, Storage-Effizienz und Virtualisierung.
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Brian Pawlowski - Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Brian shares his opinions and observations about NFS and its future, SAN (iSCSI and FC), Linux and open source, application and storage virtualization, and Advanced Development.

Dave Hitz - Founder and Executive Vice President

A big part of my job is listening to smart people who know about storage, digesting what they say and reflecting on it, and then turning that into my own opinion. Then when I share my thoughts, they get distributed randomly to whoever I happen to be talking to. So why am I doing a blog? I figured that if I'm going to be having ideas and sharing them, I might as well collect them in one place.

David Dale - Industry Evangelist and Director of Industry Standards

What's going on in the industry, especially in the world of standards, new technologies, trends and multi-vendor collaboration activities.

David Slik - Technical Director, Object Storage

Perspectives and thoughts related to object storage, reducing complexity, and managing the information explosion.

Jay Kidd - Senior Vice President of the Storage Solutions Group

Jay’s perspectives on trends in the storage industry.

Mike Riley - Director of Technology and Strategy for the Americas Sales

Trends and strategies on storage efficiency, dedupe, virtualization, provisioning and backup.

Richard Hardy - Business Solutions Architect

The role of Cloud Computing in Enterprise IT.

Surajit Sen - Manager Marketing & Alliances

This blog touches on topics that are relevant to customers and NetApp partners in the data storage industry.

Tim Russell - Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Solutions and Core Product Software

Thoughts on enterprise cloud infrastructures

Val Bercovici - CTO-at-Large

Storage Industry from a Technology, Development and Customer perspective and the competitive issues encountered throughout the lifecycle of storage products & data management solutions.

Ergebnisse 1 - 10 von 11