ENERGY STAR Certification: FAS2500 and FAS2200

NetApp FAS2500 and FAS2200 storage systems are ENERGY STAR certified for their proven storage efficiency.

NetApp® FAS systems have been designed to deliver storage efficiency, which translates into energy efficiency. Leveraging Data ONTAP® technologies such as thin provisioning, Snapshot™ copies, RAID-DP, data deduplication, and data compression of both primary and secondary storage, NetApp FAS systems reduce the overall storage required—resulting in less power, cooling, and floor space, while saving the energy and natural resources required to produce, run, cool, and house the storage.

ES_logo.pngCheck out how NetApp storage efficiency has saved over 10 exabytes of data, or 10 million 1TB disk drives—which would have consumed 75MW of energy, or the equivalent of a small power plant.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR program for data center storage applies to configurations that fall within ranges based on:

  • Number of spindles
  • System redundancy
  • Storage protection
  • Nondisruptive serviceability

The following NetApp FAS2500 configurations have qualified as meeting the core ENERGY STAR requirements:

Part Number Product Description
FAS2520-ES-104-R6-C FAS2520, EStar, 12x400GB, SSD, -C
FAS2520-ES-106-R6-C FAS2520, EStar, 12x800GB, SSD, -C
FAS2520-ES-108-R6-C FAS2520, EStar, 12x1.6TB, SSD, -C
FAS2520-ES-109-R6-C FAS2520, EStar, 12x600GB, 10K, -C
FAS2520-ES-111-R6-C FAS2520, EStar, 12x900GB, 10K, -C
FAS2520-ES-112-R6-C FAS2520, EStar, 12x1.2TB, 10K, -C
FAS2520-ES-113-R6-C FAS2520, EStar, 12x900GB, 10K, NSE, -C
FAS2520-ES-114-R6-C FAS2520, EStar, 12x2TB, 7.2K ,-C
FAS2520-ES-116-R6-C FAS2520, EStar, 12x3TB, 7.2K, -C
FAS2520-ES-117-R6-C FAS2520, EStar, 12x4TB, 7.2K, -C
FAS2520-ES-118-R6-C FAS2520, EStar, 12x4TB, 7.2K, NSE, -C
FAS2552-ES-204-R6-C FAS2552, EStar, 24x400GB, SSD, -C
FAS2552-ES-206-R6-C FAS2552, EStar, 24x800GB, SSD, -C
FAS2552-ES-207-R6-C FAS2552, EStar, 24x1.6TB, SSD, -C
FAS2552-ES-212-R6-C FAS2552 ,EStar, 24x600GB, 10K, -C
FAS2552-ES-213-R6-C FAS2552, EStar, 24x900GB, 10K, -C
FAS2552-ES-214-R6-C FAS2552, EStar, 24x1.2TB, 10K, -C
FAS2552-ES-215-R6-C FAS2552, EStar, 24x900GB, 10K, NSE, -C
FAS2554-ES-303-R6-C FAS2554, EStar, 24x2TB, 7.2K, -C
FAS2554-ES-304-R6-C FAS2554, EStar, 24x3TB, 7.2K, -C
FAS2554-ES-305-R6-C FAS2554, EStar, 24x4TB, 7.2K, -C
FAS2554-ES-306-R6-C FAS2554, EStar, 24x4TB, 7.2K, NSE, -C
DS2246-ES-1014-24S-SK-R5 DSK SHLF, EStar, 24x600GB, 10K, FAS25xx, SK
DS2246-ES-1021-24N-SK-R6 DSK SHLF, EStar, 24x900GB, 10K, NSE, FAS25xx, SK
DS2246-ES-28.8TB-SK-R6 DSK SHLF, EStar, 24x1.2TB, 10K, 6G, FAS25xx, SK
DS2246-ES-SL096-24S-SK-R6 SSD SHLF, EStar, 24x400GB, FAS25xx, SK
DS2246-ES-SL192-24A-SK-R6 SSD SHLF, EStar, 24x800GB, FAS25xx, SK
DS4246-ES-0748-24A-SK-R6 DSK SHLF, EStar, 24x2.0TB, 7.2K, 6G, FAS25xx, SK
DS4246-ES-0796-24A-SK-R6 DSK SHLF, EStar, 24x4.0TB, 7.2K, 6G, FAS25xx, SK
DS4246-ES-0796-24N-SK-R6 DSK SHLF, EStar, 24x4TB, 7.2k, NSE, FAS25xx, SK
DS2246-ES-21.6TB-SK-R6 DSK SHLF, EStar, 24x900GB, 6G, FAS25xx, SK
DS4246-ES-0772-24A-SK-R6 DSK SHLF, EStar, 24x3.0TB, 7.2K, 6G, FAS25xx, SK
X8724A-R6 PDU, Smart, 1-Phase, 12-Outlet, 16A

The following NetApp FAS2200 configurations have qualified as meeting the core ENERGY STAR requirements:

Part Number Product Description
FAS2220-E-001-R6 FAS2220,EStar,12x600GB,Base
FAS2220-E-002-R6 FAS2220,EStar,12x2TB,Base
FAS2220-E-001-CM-R6 FAS2220,EStar,CM,12x600GB,10GbE,Base
FAS2220-E-002-CM-R6 FAS2220,EStar,CM,12x2TB,10GbE,Base
FAS2220A-E-001-R6 FAS2220,EStar,HA,12x450GB,Dual CTL
FAS2220A-E-002-R6 FAS2220,EStar,HA,12x2TB,Dual CTL
FAS2220A-E-CM-001-R6 FAS2220,EStar,CM,HA,12x450GB,10GbE,Dual CTL
FAS2220A-E-CM-002-R6 FAS2220,EStar,CM,HA,12x2TB,10GbE,Dual CTL
FAS2240-2-E-001-R6 FAS2240-2,EStar,24x900GB,Base
FAS2240-2-E-001-CM-R6 FAS2240-2,EStar,CM,24x900GB,10GbE,Base
FAS2240A-2-E-001-R6 FAS2240-2,EStar,HA,24x900B,Dual CTL
FAS2240A-2-E-CM-001-R6 FAS2240-2,EStar,CM,HA,24x900B,10GbE,Dual CTL
FAS2240-4-E-001-R6 FAS2240-4,EStar,24x3TB,Base
FAS2240-4-E-001-CM-R6 FAS2240-4,EStar,CM,24x3TB,10GbE,Base
FAS2240A-4-E-001-R6 FAS2240-4,EStar,HA,24x3TB,Dual CTL
FAS2240A-4-E-CM-001-R6 FAS2240-4,EStar,CM,HA,24x3TB,10GbE,Dual CTL
DS2246-E-21.6TB-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,EStar,24x900GB,6G,SK
DS4246-E-0772-24A-SK-R6 DSK SHLF,EStar,24x3.0TB,7.2K,6G,SK
X8724A-R6, PDU,Smart,1-Phase,12-Outlet,16A

Find out more about the EPA's ENERGY STAR program for data center storage.