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Aug 27, 2014Quickline Business AG hält sich mit FlexPod von Cisco und NetApp alle ...Kundenreferenz
Sehr gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis; Grundlage für die Entwicklung neuer Service-Produkte; „Plan, Build, Run“ in nur zwei Monaten
Jun 24, 2014NetApp Solutions for Hadoop (DS3599-0614)Datenblatt
NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop
Jun 11, 2014Auf einen Blick: NetApp bringt Unternehmen auf die ÜberholspurDatenblatt
Jun 04, 2014NetApp FAS2500 SeriesDatenblatt
Mai 14, 2014DS-3573-0514 OCI Services BriefDatenblatt
Service brief for OnCommand Insight (OCI) Services
Mai 01, 2014ESG Lab Validation Report: OnCommand InsightAnalystenbericht
This ESG Lab Review documents hands-on testing of NetApp OnCommand Insight 7 with a focus on how using advanced analytics can help organizations easily manage and monitor a growing, heterogeneous data center.
Apr 07, 2014Flash Pool Design and Implementation GuideTechnischer Bericht
This technical report covers NetApp® Flash Pool™ intelligent caching to provide a firm understanding of how Flash Pool technology works, when and how to use it, and best practices and design considerations for deploying Flash Pool aggregates.
Apr 01, 2014TR-4068: VMware vSphere 5 on NetApp Clustered Data ONTAPTechnischer Bericht
NetApp technology enables data centers to extend their virtual infrastructures to include the benefits of advanced storage virtualization. NetApp leads the storage industry with a single information platform that is hardware agnostic, is able to aggregate disparate forms of hardware together, and...
Apr 01, 2014NetApp SnapVaultDatenblatt
Schnelles und zuverlässiges Disk-to-Disk Backup
Apr 01, 2014NetApp for Oracle DatabaseTechnischer Bericht
The NetApp for Oracle Database NVA enables companies to optimize and protect their Oracle Database infrastructures by providing advanced storage and data management capabilities. The NetApp industry-leading storage solutions provide the features, scalability, flexibility, and availability needed ...
Results 1 - 10 of 912