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Dez 10, 2013SnapMirror Configuration and Best Practices Guide for Clustered Data ONTAPTechnischer Bericht
This document describes information and best practices related to configuring replication in NetApp® clustered Data ONTAP® 8.2.1.
Jun 11, 2013Best Practices for Scalable SAN in Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2Technischer Bericht
Best Practices for Scalable SAN in Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2
Jun 07, 2013TR-3958: NetApp Data Compression and Deduplication in Data ONTAP 8.1 and ...Technischer Bericht
This technical report focuses on the Data ONTAP® 8.1 operating in 7-Mode implementation of NetApp® data compression and NetApp deduplication. For information on implementation with clustered Data ONTAP see TR-3966, “NetApp Deduplication and Data Compression Deployment and Implementation Guide” or...
Mrz 01, 2013RAID-DP: NetApp Implementation of RAID Double Parity for Data ProtectionTechnischer Bericht
This document provides an in-depth overview of the NetApp® RAID-DP® implementation for double parity–based data protection. Several aspects of RAID-DP are covered, including how it works, resiliency versus other RAID technologies, performance, and capacity utilization.
Mrz 01, 20137-Mode SnapMirror Async Overview and BestPractices GuideTechnischer Bericht
This document is a deployment guide for designing and deploying NetApp® SnapMirror® Async in a customer environment. It describes replicating data to a NetApp destination system by using NetApp SnapMirror technology. As always, please refer to the latest technical publications on the NOW™ (NetApp...
Aug 08, 2012SnapVault Best Practices GuideTechnischer Bericht
This document is intended to serve as a deployment guide for architecting and deploying SnapVault® in a customer environment. As always, please refer to the latest technical publications on the NOW™ (NetApp on the Web) site for specific updates on processes, Data ONTAP® command syntax, and the ...
Jul 24, 2012Hochverfügbarkeit 24/7 bis nach China: Eckerle Gruppe sattelt um auf NetAppKundenreferenz
Upload Customer Reference Eckerle
Jul 24, 2012Ausfälle vermeiden – FAI rent-a-jet sichert Flugplanung mit NetApp MetroClusterKundenreferenz
Upload Customer Reference FAI
Jul 24, 2012Bei Felsomat sind Serverausfälle Vergangenheit – dank NetAppKundenreferenz
Upload Customer Reference Felsomat
Jul 24, 2012Speicherumgebung dank NetApp fit für die ZukunftKundenreferenz
Upload Customer Reference SSC
Results 1 - 10 of 75