Speed provisioning and reduce the costs of managing your virtual desktop environment with NetApp data storage solutions.

Mobile desktop solutions let you deploy and manage virtual desktop environments from a central location, so users can access their desktops and share files securely over a standard network infrastructure. But higher storage costs and an inflexible storage infrastructure can offset desktop virtualization's many advantages.

With NetApp® storage solutions, you can:

  • Reduce Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) storage costs by deduplicating redundant data stored across virtual desktops, user directories, and backup and DR copies.
  • Provision thousands of virtual desktops in minutes with almost-instant, low-overhead storage cloning.
  • Provide anywhere, anytime access to data, with "always-on" storage availability, automated disaster recovery, and fast access to desktops.
  • Eliminate boot or login storms with performance acceleration.
  • Back up all virtual desktops and user data; keep a cost-effective daily history of every desktop, for months or years.
  • Provide nondisruptive access to desktops and data with the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP® OS.

Learn how you can grow your virtual desktop environment with NetApp flexibility, high availability, and cost effectiveness: