Use NetApp iSCSI SAN solutions to add high-performing storage over an Ethernet network on demand, without downtime.

Efficient Ethernet Storage on a Flexible Network

Ethernet scales well in terms of ports, connections, and speeds from 1Gb to 10Gb—and soon 40Gb and beyond. Use NetApp® iSCSI SAN solutions to deploy advanced data storage systems while leveraging existing Ethernet network capabilities, and gain:

  • Higher availability and interoperability
  • Simpler data management
  • Better storage utilization and resiliency
  • Greater cost efficiency and economies of scale

Proven iSCSI Solutions 

A leader in Ethernet storage since 1992 and an iSCSI pioneer, NetApp has extensive IP-based storage experience on Windows®, Linux®, UNIX®, Novell, VMware®, and other host platforms. Our proven iSCSI SAN solutions also support SAN and NAS protocols including FC, FCoE, NFS, and CIFS.

Learn how Apptix used NetApp iSCSI SAN solutions integrated with Microsoft® products to:

  • Decrease TCO by 60%, saving more than $1 million in IT expenditures
  • Reduce storage requirements in the Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment by 75%
  • Reduce storage management time by 66%

Whether you administer storage for an enterprise data center or a small or medium-sized business, join the growing number of NetApp customers worldwide that already deploy and benefit from iSCSI SAN solutions.